Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Morning Spent Playing

The other morning, the boys and I played on the floor for a bit... after powdered donuts for breakfast.

"Did you say powdered donuts, Mommy?"

"I like powdered donuts. Can I have some more?"

"Ummmm... please? I haven't had any in a really really really long time. Please?"

"I have some what on my face? Oh. So you saw that?"

"Maybe there's some more in here..."

"Oh forget it. I'll go find something else to do."

"This looks interesting..."

Really, we're not gearing up to take over the world.

Cullen? Hello? Cullen, are you in there? Say something, sweetie. Anything.

Yes, you have to share your toys with your baby brother.
Cullen? You okay?
You want to what?

No, you may not knock him over the head with that!

Ahhhhh. Just another day at the office.


MaryAnne said...

lol love the powdered sugar on the baby's face =)

Melanie said...

haha--love those pictures and all the little sayings. Man, Chubs and Cullen look so much alike. :)

Alicia said...

Love this post and all the pictures you used...

kelsey said...

"Really, we're not gearing up to take over the world."

Hmmm...could he get this idea from his daddy? :) hehehe

What cute boys. Love the pictures!