Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Look Familiar?

The baby (boy) dressed as Snow White in my sidebar is Cullen.

And here's Cavan, two and a half years later!

As you can see, both times, my first instinct is not to take the outfit off, but to get a few pictures first!

Poor baby boys! She really needs a sister!


MaryAnne said...

Too funny!

kelsey said...

I think it's more fun to torture your little brother by dressing him up as a sister than to actually have a sister. Or maybe I'm just a mean big sister?

And I would have totally taken pictures before taking off the costume, too. It's too darn cute not to document, and you never know when these pictures might come in handy!

Anonymous said...

sister in laws sure do stick together with the boys are inocent....but cute in their

Melody said...

Hey there, just trying to catch up with a few blog buddies. Did you enter the cake competition this year? We saw a couple that we thought might be yours, but we never saw you. Hope you are all doing well!