Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Birthday Cake for Princess Cassidy

Can you see the sparkles?

This was for a sweet little princess...

On her first birthday.

The little cake on top was her personal "smash" cake...

And her mom asked me to make a sugar tiara for Princess Cassidy.

Her only other request was that it be decorated in pink and brown.

I used a bunch of new "cake toys" that I picked up at the cake show last weekend. I had fun doing this one.
It was white cake with chocolate buttercream.
The buttercream was so yummy, Hubs ate the leftovers straight from the bowl with a spoon!


HolyMama! said...

that is GORGEOUS.

the only thing better than a tiara is a tiara you can eat.

MaryAnne said...

Great cake - the tiara is my favorite part! And I love the sparkles =)