Sunday, February 21, 2010

Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Baby Gone?

Chubs is ten months old today. I can hardly believe it.

It's time to start planning his first birthday party.

He's crawling all over; he's not happy about it, but he does it.

He'd much rather be held. By me. All day.

He absolutely LOVES his brother and sister. When they're gone, he looks all over for them. When they're here, he laughs at everything they do.

I can see two teeth moving down his top gums, and two little bumps on his lower gums. Poor baby seems to be getting four teeth at once, just like Cullen.

I hate that.

One of my favorite parts of babyhood is toothless gums.

Now I wonder if I took enough pictures of his toothless little smile.

Are there ever enough, though?

Probably not.


MaryAnne said...

At least he still looks like a baby =)

My baby has gone overnight from cuddling happily to wanting to get down and play. How did that happen?!

Tracye said...

If I knew, I'd put a stop to it immediately!