Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Middle-of-the-Week Weekend in San Antonio

Hubs had to attend a Homeland Security Conference in San Antonio this week. My MIL encouraged me to go with him, and volunteered to watch Christian and Cullen, so I did.

I'm so glad I did.

We have a really large, beautiful hotel room, located in a 100 year-old hotel directly across the street from the Alamo.
There's a huge walk-in closet that Chubs had the pleasure of sleeping in last night. Since the valet didn't get his crib up here until 11:30, he was pretty tired, and slept until after 10 this morning.
We got up and got dressed, and my San Antonio friend M'lissa came to see us. I had called her yesterday to let her know we were coming, and as we were saying goodbye, she ended the conversation with, "Bring me some cake!"
So I did. I made a four-layer tuxedo cake (same flavor combo as the valentine cakes) in four hours! It was a little cake, but it had to be to be baked and decorated in that amount of time.
We walked around downtown a bit, then stopped in at Fuddrucker's for lunch. We were waiting our turn to order when a nice-looking man walked up to me, held out a cup full of ice, and said, "Someone asked me to have you get them a refill." I said, "Excuse me?" And followed his glance to where my husband sat at a table with a third man. Can you believe that out of all the places to eat in downtown San Antonio, we both picked the same place for lunch??? I had to apologize to his friend for the dirty look and ugly tone I gave him before realizing Hubs was playing a trick on me.

After lunch we walked around a bit more, then went back to our hotel room. It's the row of three windows with the lights on.

M'lissa took the cake I made for her and left Chubs and me alone to nap for a bit before Hubs came back from the afternoon session.

We got up, Cavan blogged a bit...

And Facebooked a bit...

And then we went next door to Morton's.

But they were full until 8:30.

A pox on their house!

So we walked a few blocks to Bohanan's.

But they were full until 9:00.

Boils on their buttocks!

So we went next door to The Palm, where we were finally offered a booth and sustenance.

We ordered lobster bisque (which Cavan heartily approved of! me, too!) and bone-in ribeye and hand-cut fries. Since it was our first visit to The Palm, the waitress brought us a plate of flash-fried sweet onion strings and cottage fries on the house. It was all sooooo delicious! I mean, that was some seriously good food!

Cavan was quite the star at the restaurant. I can't count the number of people (servers, management and guests) that stopped by our table to talk to him, touch him (ew!) or just admire him. He basked in all the adoration, too. I gotta say, that little bald head (bald is beautiful!) gets me every time, although several people said it was his fat little cheekies that drew them in.

Since the dining experience was considerably longer than he's used to, his good mood began to deteriorate by the end of the meal. He never fussed or cried, but he was definitely tired of sitting in the high chair, so we took dessert back to the hotel room:

Seven layer chocolate cake...

and nobody around who wants to share it with me.


Anonymous said...

Got my fix....thanks! :)


kelsey said...

Cavan is going to grow up and have a great sense of fashion given the nights he has spent inside of a closet - ha! :) Those pics of him "blogging" are too funny.

Hope you are enjoying your much deserved mini-vacation. Sounds like you are!

Anonymous said...

glad you had a good time. we had a good time at home. style show and dance...reading..and time is over... now you have to rush to get ready for the end of the month. glad i could help you. loveya mil