Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It Was Only a Matter of Time

Remember the spur-of-the-moment tractor purchase?
Well, I was thinking it wouldn't be long before I'd see Christian or Cullen riding around in the back yard, with either Cullen or Cavan riding in the trailer.
And I was right.

Yesterday, while Christian was at school, Cullen loaded hay into that trailer and "hauled it" all around the yard. He'd stop, get out, unload the hay, and drive off, only to turn right back around and load it up again.

These two had so much fun driving/riding around the yard the other day. Ignore the state of the grass; it's been raining nearly constantly and we haven't been able to do much out there. I was just glad the standing water was finally drained enough for them to play for a while! Unfortunately, we have a 90% chance of it again today.

I guess it's Cavan's turn next.

I just hope Cullen doesn't take it upon himself to go get the baby, drag him outside, and put him in the trailer on his own.

He wouldn't do that, though.

Would he?

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