Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

You might say we went a little overboard this year on all the valentine hoopla.

And by "we," I mean, "I."

I told Christian I would bake cookies for her class party, when I don't do cookies. I let her put the tiny hearts on the cookies. I would have let her decorate all of them herself, but I didn't have the time to let her run wild in the kitchen. I think she did a better job than I would have. I would have put the heart straight in the center. Which would have been quite boring. I like her whimsical placement much more than what I had planned. I put edible glitter on them once she was finished.
I told Cullen he could have a party, too. With a special cake, cookies and homemade valentines. Last I heard, this cake is still uncut. The party was Thursday.


If I do say so myself.

I told Christian I would make cakes for her teachers, and goodies for the secretaries, principal, nurse and librarian. These were the goodies. They were large cookies in a bag with her valentines tied on. We also drove to my dad's house and gave my stepmom one. My dad just got valentines; no cookies. It's sad and discriminatory, I know, but we ran out!
These were the cakes we made for her teachers. All in all, I made SIX of these. One for Cullen's party, one for Christian's homeroom teacher, one for her reading teacher, one for her favorite teacher of all time ever, one for our just-moved-in neighbors, and one for very special neighbors. This is the one that I go to when I run out of ginger, and end up staying for two hours. It happens quite regularly. ALL of our neighbors are awesome, but this couple are seriously amazing people.

The cakes were tuxedo cakes: chocolate chocolate chip and french vanilla cake layered with chocolate truffle and white chocolate truffle filling. A-MAZ-ING. Seriously. I will be making more very soon. The lids and bows are all edible, and the "truffles" are actually little balls of cake that I dipped in chocolate.
I have been wanting to take our new neighbors a casserole or gift of some kind to welcome them, but just hadn't done it yet. I took the cake over there Thursday night so that if they weren't cake-eaters they could take it to work on Friday. I told them I knew it was really creepy to get a valentine from your neighbor, and I was sorry for that, but that was the holiday up first since they moved in.

I told Christian and Cullen we'd make special valentines for them to hand out. I printed out 25, each, then went back and printed another 20. It seemed like a lot more. I'm really impressed with how cute these turned out. Everybody that sees them pretends they're pretty cool, which feeds my insane need to craft useless things. But with faces this precious, I'd have to say they're not completely useless. I mean, once the candy is gone, you have eye candy, right?
Is this thing on?

And not to be left out, I let Cavan help with his first valentines, too.

All together now:
Hope your day is filled with chocolate and flowers.
Unless, of course, you're allergic.
Or dieting.
Or a diabetic.
Oh just forget it.
Happy Valentine's Day!


MaryAnne said...

Your cakes are gorgeous! As always, of course!

And how on earth did you find time to make all of these valentines AND the cakes? The only valentines we made this year were the ones at library craft time, plus a painting my kids made that I wrote "Happy Valentine's Day" on. I'm still learning how to balance this three kids thing, I'm afraid...

Melanie said...

Love, Love, Love the Valentine cards. Super cute idea. I'll be saving that one for next year. :0

Linda said...

You make me SICK!!! :) (saying that with LOVE) The valentine's cards were sooooo cute! You really need to buy the lot next door, build a shop and use your skills and make some money! You are so creative! How do you juggle 3 kids and being so crafty? I just take pride in saying you are my neighbor and that I KNOW the person that makes "those" cakes! :)

Tracye said...

Thank you all!

MaryAnne, I honestly don't know how I find the time. I will say the laundry piles up and the bathrooms aren't all that sparkly when I'm in the middle of a project!

Melanie, they are super easy to do! I just wish I didn't wait until the night before their parties to do them!

Linda, you are so sweet! How do I juggle it all? You mean you don't hear me screaming at them and pulling my hair out??? ;) Thanks for the compliments. It made my day!

kelsey said...

Seriously, lady, when do you sleep?! Reading all of that made me want to curl up into a ball and take a nap. And eat a bunch of cake. And cookies. YUM!

Love the cards, what a great idea! You make me very, very jealous...