Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wardrobe Malfunction

Hubs has been sick today.

And you know men. When they get sick, it's the worst. disease. EVER. Nobody on Earth has ever been as sick as they are. Ever.

Anyway, we ran out of just about everything we need to function as a family, so I took Christian and Cullen to Target and then to the grocery store.

I ran into several people I know, and chatted briefly in the store. I didn't ask for help on the way out, so I loaded my own groceries into the car.

As I'm putting groceries away back at home, Hubs walks into the kitchen (should I say hobbled? he is very sick, you know) and casually asks, "Your pants ripped?"

I'm sorry...


I reach around, and feel nothing but underwear.

Oh. Heavenly. Father.


No. No I am not.

At some point in this delightful evening, my pants ripped wide open, and I never noticed it.

I choose to believe it happened in the car on the way home.


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

You are SO right about sick men.

And of course the pants must have ripped in the car, on the way home =)

Tracy said...

Oh MAN! I have to admitt I laughed out loud. Sorry. And I'm in Barnes and Nobles, so double sorry about that. Although, I KNOW that feeling. I did it last week as I was attempting to decide on a new puppy in some strange womans front yard. It was awkward needless to say. I did however rush home and sew a stitch all the way around the hole because they are my favorite pants and I can't bare to part with them.. Even if I have had them since I was 19. They are being patched today!

Melanie said...

You should ask Target if you can view the video footage. hahaha.

S.I.L. said...

Hey, at least you had on undies!!

Erin said...

o im embarassed for you :)
blame it on the sick man.. and i agree, i would rather be sick before a man is.