Thursday, January 14, 2010

If You're A Mom, You Need to Read This


As I read it for the first time, I fought back tears. As I read it aloud to Hubs, I let them fall.

And they just kept falling and falling and falling, until the words on the screen were a blurry, jumbled mess.

I'm sitting here in tears right now... it sums up my feelings perfectly.

Go now.


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Isn't MckMama a great writer? She summed it up beautifully =)

Mzzterry said...

One of the blessings of blogging that I had no idea I would be blessed with is unseen friends. I count you, Mrs. Tracye Cakes, among those. I will probably never meet you this side of heaven. But I have prayed for you trough your pregnancies, thru ups & downs of every day in turn have lifted me up and covered me in prayer. It is an honor and a privilege. We found each other by Gods hand and one day, in heaven we will be able to get to know one another as friends to the fullest. I pray for your JOY to return, this is a sad, grey world right now. Hug your sweet babes and Thank God for the blessings of family that He has so graciously given you. Your cyber friendship means much to me. Love & hugs to you.

Huse Yo Mama said...

Thanks for the tears today, girl! As if it wouldn't have been bad enough, add 7 months pregnant to it and I now can barely see my computer screen!