Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm An Aunt! Again! This Month!

This past Friday, December 18, my sil checked into the hospital at 3 am to have labor induced. When she got there she was already dilated to 3 cm. This being her fourth baby, we all thought we'd be snuggling my new niece by 10 am, at the latest.

We couldn't be more wrong.

They did everything they usually do to get labor started, and put in her epidural. Around ten-thirty her water broke on its own. All that was left was the waiting.

We waited. And texted.

And waited. And checked Facebook.*

And waited. And looked at pictures on our phones.

BTW, the above three pictures were taken at the same time. My brother, his mil, and his fil were all playing with their phones at the same time. A sign of the times... but I digress.
Each time the doctor (my doc... my sil's doc... her mom's doc... her other sil's doc... my neighbor's doc... he's pretty good) or the nurses checked her, there had been no progress. They'd increase her pitocin to get the contractions stronger, then decrease it to let her uterus rest... on and on it went. She was getting tired, and definitely frustrated.

Around 2:45 pm the nurse checked again, and sil was still only dilated to 3 cm. The "C" word was thrown out there, but since the doc wasn't around, nothing was done. I headed home to feed Chubs.
I got back to the hospital just before 4, and the doc still hadn't gotten there. He walked in at 4:15 and checked her again... still 3 cm. Nobody, including him, had expected this from her fourth delivery, especially since the previous 3 had progressed so quickly.

He said he didn't know why, but the baby would not drop, and so there was no pressure on the cervix to help it dilate. Each time they checked her, the baby would float away. He said it could be because her head was cocked to the side or that the umbilical cord could possibly be wrapped around her neck. He thought it best to do a c-section. He really didn't think it safe to let my sil labor for hours more, and get into a dangerous situation and have to do an emergency c-section. He'd rather do it before it became absolutely necessary.

Understandably, my sil was upset. So was my brother. We all were. They were both scared, and we were scared for them. But worse, it just killed me to see their hearts hurting.

They took doc's advice, and baby Courtlyn was out at 4:54 pm. Poor sil was in labor for almost 15 hours. That's as long as I was in labor with my first!
Turns out, the cord was wrapped around the baby's neck twice.

My brother stayed in the OR with my sil until they brought her back down to her room.
The nurses brought the baby in to weigh, measure and care for her... so we all greedily feasted our eyes on this beautiful girl until her mommy and daddy got back to the room!
8 pounds, 8 ounces, 21 inches long!
Everyone was crowding around the bassinet, taking pictures with our phones to send out to those who couldn't be there, and making silly faces and googly eyes at the baby.

She was just the calmest, sweetest, quietest little thing.

Except for all the sucking! Baby Girl loves her fingers! You could hear her sucking them from the time they wheeled her in.

She was really working that tongue, too. She's such a sweet little baby.

According to eyewitness accounts, her daddy cried like a little girl in the delivery room. It's okay, though. He did all four times. Hubs has cried with all of ours, too. It's so sweet.

When it was time for her first bath, she acted like she wasn't crazy about it, but didn't want to make a fuss. The nurse wrapped her up in two blankets and began washing her hair. Courtlyn just layed back and acted like it was a day at the salon.
She went at the ta-ta like she'd been nursing for months. She's a champion nurser already.

Her brothers and sister fell instantly in love...

And were arguing about who got to hold her next, and the longest, and yada-yada-yada, as only little kids can.

John & Courtney, Congratulations!

And you better count your kids after I leave. I'm probably going to stick her in Cavan's diaper bag and take her home with me. Oh, how I miss having a newborn. Gigantor doesn't make little baby noises anymore. He makes great big giant baby noises.

*But not me, because I, apparently, am the last person in the free world who doesn't have an I-Phone. Mine can't even accurately be called an A-Phone. It's more like the kind that is encased in a bag and has a rotary dialer.


Erin said...

very cute baby..makes baby fever even worse for me :)
i don't have an iPhone either..i don't want one. i don't even have facebook. yeah, let that sink in for a few moments..

maryanne said...

What a gorgeous baby!!!

Congratulations to your brother and sil, and I hope recovery from the c-section goes well.

I haven't got an iPhone either...

Anonymous said...

beautiful family...she had heard the other ones and was ready for them....she is like cavan...waiting her turn to charm everyone. give up the baby fever for a while... i am getting old you know....keeping up with your brood is tough on an old ya

Mzzterry said...

beautiful,beautiful baby!! i don't have an iphone & my hubby SELLS i phones!! I just dropped by to tell you

MERRY CHRISTMAS**** & thanks for being my bloggy friend.

Anonymous said...

You are also the last person to have a facebook account!! Even I have one!! Miss you!


Anonymous said...

I've viewed this story several times...even showed several friends. I get emotional everytime I read it...especially with the pics.
It's very touching the way you wrote it. Probably moreso because I lived it.
Thank you for being there for us. Thank you for being there for me when Doc told us the section was what HAD to happen. I never considered that as an option, and wasn't prepared for the emotions that I...WE would go through.
But you consoled me. As I write this, I get emotional. It was good to have a family member there for me.
You captured on film perfectly, the whole day.
Thank you for documenting our daughter's birth day.
Love you,

Courtney said...

Tracye, I just reread this entry and cried...again at it. She is such a blessing and wonder to me and the family. Like your brother said, you documented the whole thing to a tee. I thank you for that. Although it was an incredibly emotional time, I thank the Lord everyday for bringing her into my life. We still have the photos on her shelves that capture the emotions we were feeling. I can't believe it has been two and a half years since her appearance into our lives. Thank you for your eloquent words and love. I am so happy to have you in my life. I love you!