Sunday, December 13, 2009


But before we get to that, have you ever been to Buc-ees?

Have you ever heard of Buc-ees?
My friends, it's the stuff dreams are made of.

Our whole crew loaded up yesterday and headed to Houston bright and early (9-ish) to see new-nephew Harrison. On the way home last night, we stopped at Buc-ees to fill up and empty all the tanks that needed filling and emptying (there were quite a few, I assure you) and decided to get a little snack for the rest of the way home.

If you can't find something to satisfy your snacking requirements at Buc-ees, then you just aren't looking. They have more than you could ever ask or imagine, in terms of snack and beverage options.

I find it quite the dilemma: do I get roasted spiced nuts or fudge? I mean, I can't get them at home, and they both have their merits, but are worlds apart on the snacking spectrum. At that moment, I find I have TWO CRAVINGS. SALTY AND SWEET. Tell me, what do you do in a situation such as that?

You get both.

And you make sure your children DO NOT SEE THEM. So that you can stealthily enjoy your nuts and fudge (SALTY AND SWEET, BABY! SALTY AND SWEET!) in the dark car on the way home. But then your 3 year-old little boy hears the paper nut-wrapper, and immediately confiscates the rest.

It's okay, though. The fudge was packed in noiseless paper boxes. They have 298 flavors of fudge, and I have made it one of my New Year's Resolutions to try them all by year's end. I believe in the importance of snacking goals. And if my mind can dream it, and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it.

And I still have some of that fudge waaaaaaaaay high up in the pantry. Dulce de leche and turtle cheesecake.


Now back to the adorable baby-boy cuteness.
Harrison is quite the little bundle of baby yummy-ness. He has that sweet little brand-new-baby smell.
Oh, helpmehelpmehelpmehelpmehelpme.
My uterus hurts.

Here's Christian in the background, trying to steal Harrison's thunder. (Please ignore the fact that I failed to put on lipstick before Hubs took the picture.)

(And my eybrows.)

(I don't put lipstick on my eyebrows. I meant don't look at them. They need a little help.)

And here's Cullen, just trying to steal Harrison's carseat. He's trying to get Chubs to look cute and distract us.
Hubs is trying to reassure Chubs that he is still the numero uno baby in my life.

"Whatchoo talkin' 'bout a new baby? I'M the new baby. Harrison who?"

"You're kidding, right? This is a joke, right?"

"Where'd he come from???"

"I'm still the baby of the family, right? RIGHT?"

"I'm only here seven months, and somebody is already taking MY place as baby of the family???"

"Are you hearing this?"

"But I'M the baby."

(whispers) "I'm the baby."

"At least I can count on my big Stister to love me."
"HER, TOO???"

Like I told the rest of the fam, I still think that baby Harrison got Rick's looks. Especially since Kelsey still has hers.
Congratulations Rick and Kelsey! He's beautiful!

P.S. I think the Lord deserves a handclap of praise for the fudge at Buc-ees. And if the good people at Buc-ees want to bless me with some more, well, I'll just be that much closer to reaching my fudge-related goals.

P.P.S. Courtney, it would really help me out a lot if you could have your baby on Tuesday. I'm just sayin'. So get after it. Think thin and open.

P.P.P.S. That's probably creating a visual most people don't need.

P.P.P.P.S. But it's my blog, and I'll create whatever visuals I want.

And on that note, I do believe I'll go to bed.


Anonymous said...

i have the most beautiful grandchildren alive. They are so sweet ( at least when they are sleeping). Cavan is still a joy.. harrison keep saying... i need grandma...i need grandma..Cullen did not push me out of bed saturday night...he plays the name game well to get his way...i want momma...daddy... does not work. christian is getting so big..stubborn and beautiful,,, love them all grandma- can i have a taste of the fudge... just a taste....

Best S.I.L. said...

Tracye, your family additions are PRECIOUS! And about the Bucees...I KNOW!!!! I will try to think thin and open!! Congrats to Rick and Kelsey. Love to all!

kelsey said...

You crack me up - I love all of Cavan's dialogue! So glad you guys came, and like I said, sorry I was in exhaustion mode. Went to the pedi today and the evil word 'colic' was thrown out there, so it looks like I could be in this state of mind for some time. Good thing he's worth it!

PS - you should also try the chocolate covered pretzels from Bucees (with a Dr. Pepper Icee on the side, of course). Sure to satisfy your salty/sweet cravings. Yum!

James ~n~ Amber said...

Sweet babies !!

And we LOVE's the only place you can go and spend a million dollars on nothing. Beaver nuggets are evil !