Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Not-Sew-Perfect Crafts

Before I get to that, is anyone ready for Christmas???

I'm still adding people I have to buy gifts for to my ever-growing list!
Anyway, recently I stupidly generously offered to make the bedding for my niece-to-be's
nursery. I thought it would be all straight-line sewing, which it was, and would be so simple, which it was not.

For whatever reason, the fabric and trim constantly slipped on the machine, the thread broke more times than I could count, the gathers didn't gather right, and on and on and on. It was a nightmare. And sewing up the bumpers? Ugh.

Here's the finished product. I think it looks okay, as long as you're standing six or eight feet from the crib.

I also decided to learn to crochet, so I could crochet one of those cute little beanies I've been seeing around... the ones with a giant silk flower attached. So I bought a book, some yarn and a hook.

It turned out okay, too. Again, as long as the baby is on someone else's lap, or across the room.

Kelsey, I hope you like it. Baby Harrison might be getting one of these before winter is over. Don't worry though. I'll make sure his flower and yarn are manly colors.

I think Chubs needs one, too.

Last week I also made a diaper cake to match my niece's room, and a redneck gift basket for my brother. They had a co-ed shower, and the men were supposed to bring diapers, and the women were supposed to bring anything else on the registry.

My SIL made the mistake of leaving my brother alone with the scanner while she went to potty while they were registering. He went all over the store, registering for beer, a Playstation, a flat-screen TV, condoms, pistachios, the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" DVD, books, and all kinds of dumb stuff. So I made a gift basket. I filled it with shredded newspaper, two different six-packs of beer, pistachios, the DVD, condoms, and slim-jims. He didn't register for those, but I thought it kind of fit the theme. I packed it all in a Corona beer box.

Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of the diaper cake or the gift basket, but they were a hit.

This past weekend was quite busy. I was up until 2:30am Saturday and Sunday mornings, working on Cullen's cake and the baby shower stuff. Hubs got called in to work at midnight on Saturday and didn't get home until 6:30 am. Now we're recuperating.
This week I hope to make some party mix, and maybe some spice cookies. We'll see.
I'll leave you with this:

I have no idea what they were doing, but I don't think it bodes well for my future.

1. Cullen looks waaaaay too guilty.

2. Cavan looks like he's ready to whoop up on me for intruding on whatever they're doing.

God have mercy on my home.


Anonymous said...

they will be ganging up on you soon. cavan watches cullen and is learning fast....keep those eyes in the back of your head tuned up... love those kiddos...mil what was christian into????

Tracy said...

I think it looks great! Very girly and frilly! I'm just getting to the point where I enjoy making things that are pretty girly thanks to my niece. Since deciding to go back to school so that I can teach, I'm hoping to have MUCH more time. Which is so unlikely! I want to see more when you decide to start an empire!