Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Baby Love

Except he's not a baby anymore.



Years old.
Sniff, sniff, *SOB*, sniff.

Here he is trying to ignore me yelling, "Look at Mommy, Cullen! Smile, Cullen! Cullen! Smile for Mommy! Cul-leeeeeen! Smile, baby! Smile for Mommy!" He was ready for me to get out of the way so he could give it some gas and go.

Except that when he gave it gas (or, more accurately, some battery) he wouldn't steer. He just held on to the doors, put the pedal to the metal (or, more accurately, the plastic), and grinned like an idiot while his little Jeep went in whatever direction the wheels happened to be pointed. He only stopped when he rammed it into something, like, say, the trash can, or his daddy's legs, or the brick wall of the garage.

He wanted a Monster Jam party, and no matter how much Christian and I tried to talk him into having a Bumper (read: Lightning McQueen) party, he wouldn't be deterred. So I made him a Monster Jam cake.

It rained, so we skipped the pinata, and the jumping castle, and the kids (all three that came!) just played in Christian and Cullen's rooms.

It was a very small party, which was nice, for many reasons. I wasn't running around like a maniac and actually got to enjoy myself.

Cullen was sooooo excited about all his gifts. He kept yelling, "OH MY GO-SH!" in this crazy-deep guttural bellow. Then he'd take whatever toy he had unwrapped to the nearest adult and say, "Will you open it?" Over and over and over: "OH MY GO-SH! (pause) Will you open it?"

He was having a lot of trouble getting the wrapping paper off, so Christian got to do a lot... which means Christmas is going to be serious fun for that girl. Two brothers incapable of opening gifts, and a smorgasbord of crap under the tree??? Or a lump of coal, but I digress.

After he opened his gifts I lit the candles on his cake and we sang Happy Birthday to him. Apparently I have done my job instilling a healthy respect for fire within him, since he was leaning away from the cake to blow out his candles.

My dad tried to help him get a little closer to blow them out, and he freaked! My dad said, "Oh, here, I'll help!" And blew the candles out for Cullen, and then Cullen acted like he'd really accomplished something! He was so scared to blow out the candles, he wouldn't get close enough to do it. I've been lighting some candles lately, and he always asks, "Is it hot? It'll hurt you?" So he wouldn't even blow out the candles on his own cake. :)

He got two tool boxes with tools (!), a flashlight (!), some clothes (these got tossed over his shoulder as he looked for the real present), a truck with a cow trailer (!), a truck with a motorcycle (!), a Shelby mustang (!), batteries (!!!), a giant puzzle (!), and a huge three-level garage (!) with a bazillion parts that Hubs said (HUBS said; not me) would be living at his parents house since they're the ones that got it for him, a Toy Story book and figurines (!), some other books, and his Jeep (!).

I can't believe he's three years old.

Wasn't he just born, like, what, a couple days ago?


Not so Best S.I.L. said...

Hey my love! I know you are POed that we didn't make it and I am sooooooo sorrrryyy. I just really wanted to endure sis was not contagious throwing up and that it was in fact just something she ate. I hate that we missed the party and that awesome cake!! You did a wonderful job on you usually do! Sounds like a fun time was had by all. Again, we are so sorry we missed it. But if sis had been truly sick and gotten your kiddos sick, I would never have forgiven myself for not quaranteening her. Love to all, and we will get baby boy's gift to him soon.

maryanne said...

My little guy turned two today! I made him a cake, but it wasn't nearly as awesome as yours. I won't show him yours, because then he'll probably want to trade moms.

kelsey said...

We can't believe he's three, either!!!! When did that happen? Good job on the cake!

Cake Fixation said...

What a wonderful cake!! It looks fantastic.