Sunday, November 29, 2009

What A Morning

Last night Christian stayed at my in-laws' house. Hubs got up early and went fishing this morning, which left the boys and me at the house.

We all got up and ate breakfast, then played around a bit. Cullen wanted to watch Caillou (side note: I loathe Caillou. Cullen has heard it from my lips so often, he now asks "Is Caillou a brat, Mommy?" quite frequently) so the three of us got on my bed. The TiVo in our bedroom records Caillou and Curious George, so if they want to watch those shows, unfortunately it has to be in there.

Anyway, Cullen wanted to hold Chubs, so he stretched his little legs out in front of him and pulled the baby onto his lap. The baby began to laugh as Cullen snuggled him and said, "I feedin' him, Mommy! I feedin' duh bay-bee!"

"Careful with that baby, Cullen," I told him.

He then pushed Chubs away, only to roll him over and pull him back onto his lap, this time face-down. Cavan thought it was hilarious. Cullen continued moving around and re-positioning both himself and the baby, while the baby laughed and I kept admonishing him to be careful, and get away from the edge, and to sit the baby up, and quit poking his ears, etc...

Apparently, Cullen had enough baby-holding, because the next thing I knew, the baby was flying through the air upside down, and disappearing over the side of the bed, as someone began screaming.

Maybe "flying through the air," is a slight exaggeration, but there was definitely someone screaming.

And that would be me.

I dove across the bed and saw the baby lying face-down on the carpet. At this point, all three of us were screaming.

I grabbed him and gently laid him on the bed to check him all over for broken bones (he was arching his back with his arms and legs off the floor, so I didn't think spinal injuries were a possibility). His body was bright red and he was still screaming, but nothing else looked wrong. I immediately starting yelling at Cullen to run and get clothes for himself as I hugged the baby and ran for the phone.

I dialed Hubs' cell phone, but there was no answer. At this point, the baby had started to calm down.

I called mil. She answered and I told her I needed her here ASAP because I was taking the baby to the ER.

Right after I hung up with her, Cavan stopped crying. I laid him down so I could get dressed, and he immediately started screaming. I picked him up; the crying stopped. I laid him down; he started screaming. By this time, it was his, "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY TO PUT ME DOWN, EVER!" cry, so I began to suspect he wasn't hurt.

I picked up the phone to try Hubs' cell phone again. The baby immediately began pulling the phone out of my hands and trying to shove it into his (once again silent) mouth. I sat him up on the bed, and placed a toy in front of him. He happily leaned forward, grabbed it, shoved it into his mouth and began chewing on it. I laid him back and checked his pupils with a pen-light; they both dilated and closed normally, and were both the same size.

Hubs answered when I called this time. He said that if there were no bumps, no indentations, no bruises, no swelling, and the baby was using his arms, legs and fingers normally, he didn't think I needed to take him to the ER. He was already on his way home.

MIL got here soon after I hung up with Hubs. She thought the baby seemed fine, too. We kept him awake through his usual naptime, to continue monitoring him, but never saw any indications that he was hurt. He's been a perfectly normal and happy baby all day.

I think this morning shaved a year or two off my life, but praise God for His protection!


maryanne said...

Glad he was okay!

Anonymous said...

thank goodness the kids were alright. i forgot to tell you that the first thing cullen told papaw was how cavan flew...better watch that one. beautiful kids...hope to have a new cousin for them soon... no news yet. mil