Sunday, November 29, 2009

What A Morning

Last night Christian stayed at my in-laws' house. Hubs got up early and went fishing this morning, which left the boys and me at the house.

We all got up and ate breakfast, then played around a bit. Cullen wanted to watch Caillou (side note: I loathe Caillou. Cullen has heard it from my lips so often, he now asks "Is Caillou a brat, Mommy?" quite frequently) so the three of us got on my bed. The TiVo in our bedroom records Caillou and Curious George, so if they want to watch those shows, unfortunately it has to be in there.

Anyway, Cullen wanted to hold Chubs, so he stretched his little legs out in front of him and pulled the baby onto his lap. The baby began to laugh as Cullen snuggled him and said, "I feedin' him, Mommy! I feedin' duh bay-bee!"

"Careful with that baby, Cullen," I told him.

He then pushed Chubs away, only to roll him over and pull him back onto his lap, this time face-down. Cavan thought it was hilarious. Cullen continued moving around and re-positioning both himself and the baby, while the baby laughed and I kept admonishing him to be careful, and get away from the edge, and to sit the baby up, and quit poking his ears, etc...

Apparently, Cullen had enough baby-holding, because the next thing I knew, the baby was flying through the air upside down, and disappearing over the side of the bed, as someone began screaming.

Maybe "flying through the air," is a slight exaggeration, but there was definitely someone screaming.

And that would be me.

I dove across the bed and saw the baby lying face-down on the carpet. At this point, all three of us were screaming.

I grabbed him and gently laid him on the bed to check him all over for broken bones (he was arching his back with his arms and legs off the floor, so I didn't think spinal injuries were a possibility). His body was bright red and he was still screaming, but nothing else looked wrong. I immediately starting yelling at Cullen to run and get clothes for himself as I hugged the baby and ran for the phone.

I dialed Hubs' cell phone, but there was no answer. At this point, the baby had started to calm down.

I called mil. She answered and I told her I needed her here ASAP because I was taking the baby to the ER.

Right after I hung up with her, Cavan stopped crying. I laid him down so I could get dressed, and he immediately started screaming. I picked him up; the crying stopped. I laid him down; he started screaming. By this time, it was his, "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY TO PUT ME DOWN, EVER!" cry, so I began to suspect he wasn't hurt.

I picked up the phone to try Hubs' cell phone again. The baby immediately began pulling the phone out of my hands and trying to shove it into his (once again silent) mouth. I sat him up on the bed, and placed a toy in front of him. He happily leaned forward, grabbed it, shoved it into his mouth and began chewing on it. I laid him back and checked his pupils with a pen-light; they both dilated and closed normally, and were both the same size.

Hubs answered when I called this time. He said that if there were no bumps, no indentations, no bruises, no swelling, and the baby was using his arms, legs and fingers normally, he didn't think I needed to take him to the ER. He was already on his way home.

MIL got here soon after I hung up with Hubs. She thought the baby seemed fine, too. We kept him awake through his usual naptime, to continue monitoring him, but never saw any indications that he was hurt. He's been a perfectly normal and happy baby all day.

I think this morning shaved a year or two off my life, but praise God for His protection!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Some Early Christmas Shopping?

I like to be finished with my Christmas shopping by now, but this year, I'm not. Not even close. Which really stinks. I don't want to be anywhere near a store that sells anything other than food this time of year, but it looks like I'm out of luck.

To help you out a little, I have a couple of ideas for things the kids on your list might like.

First, the K'NEX 400 Pieces Tub. With 400 pieces, there are lots of parts so that kids can build as much as their imaginations can come up with. If your kid needs a jump-start (400 pieces can be a little overwhelming!) an instruction book is included that contains building ideas for 20 different models. You can also visit for step-by-step instructions, just in case the instruction book gets lost. With three kids, lots of stuff gets lost around here, so that's a great bonus.

But what's so great is that kids don't need the instruction book. They can just build and tear down and add and remove until they're satisfied with their masterpiece. Once the building is complete the play continues, since there are lots of moving parts, like wheels on the cars, the propeller for the airplane, and merry-go-rounds and ferris wheels that spin.

K'NEX works with other brands of building toys, like Lego, so you don't have to worry about parts not fitting together. You'll just be adding on to your child's existing collection, instead of starting from scratch building a new one.

And, perhaps the best feature (to a mom; not to a kid) is that the storage tub is included, so clean-up is fast and easy.

Since K'NEX toys are made in the U.S.A., you can be proud to buy them for your kids this Christmas. They retail for about $20.99 at Target, Wal-Mart and Toys "R" Us.

This season, K'Nex is giving families the chance to win $1,000.00 worth of K'NEX Building Sets! All you have to do is make a video that showcases your child's K'NEX building skills and features them building with select K'NEX products. Visit for official rules, but hurry! The deadline to submit a video is December 7, 2009.

Something else I'd like to share with you is the Sesame Street Neighborhood Collection building set. Kids can build their own Sesame Street neighborhood and then play with Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Ernie, depending on which set they get.
There are four sets that are designed to coordinate with each other, but each set is complete and can be enjoyed alone.
We tried out the Ice Cream Truck building set.

It comes with a buildable Elmo dressed as an ice cream man. The Police Car building set comes with a buildable Elmo dressed as a police officer. There is also a 1-2-3 Brownstone building set and a Police Station set.

The parts are chunky and big enough for small hands to easily play with. This is something that Cullen loves to play with, but even Cavan likes holding (and chewing on!) the big colorful pieces.

And just like other K'NEX toys, there are lots of parts so kids can build and rebuild over and over again. And again, additional building ideas are included.
We're working on color and shape recognition with Cullen right now, and these sets really help to teach that in a fun way. He loves to build (and destroy) things, and his K'NEX sets are toys he pulls out often.
The prices start at $9.99 for the set we received, and are available at Target, Wal-Mart and Toys"R"Us.
Thanks to Team Mom for providing the toys for this review. Cullen and Christian love them!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Little Eye Candy for the 'Rents

These were taken about a week ago. If I had taken them the last few days, nobody would want to see them. Not that anybody wants to see these, either, but the last few days have been filled with... sickness. Sickness that nobody should see. Or clean up. Ugh.
This was just after I gave Chubs a bath. He's so soft and squishy and yummy and sweet-smelling after a bath.
Yummy baby feetsies.
If he didn't eat them, I would.
He sat up unassisted for the first time last Wednesday! I'll admit, he doesn't look at all chubby here.
Cullen loves to "help" when I feed Chubs.
Chubs isn't quite as appreciative. Probably because Cullen jabs the spoon in, whether or not Cavan has his mouth open. He shoves the spoon in so far, Chubs really doesn't even need to swallow.
Such a seepy ittle bitty baby.
He sucks his thumb exactly the same way Christian used to; she'd hang her index finger on the bridge of her nose. Christian sucks her left thumb; Cullen sucks his right thumb; Chubs sucks whichever one tastes the best at any given moment.
Who thinks Cavan's going to hate me for these someday?

At least his goods were covered.

Not Again

Two sick little boys.

Apparently, God wants me to clean bodily fluids until I stop saying ugly words as I do it, because He's giving me lots of opportunities to do it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Isn't the Sound of Your Childrens' Voices...

Supposed to be like the sound of angels singing?

Does it ever make you want to shove rusty knitting needles into your eardrums?


Is it just me?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rock Stars and Cowboys and Indians... Oh My!

Of course, she had to be Hannah Montana for Halloween.

I found the shirt, belt, fingerless gloves, and leg warmers at the mall; I loathe the mall. I made the skirt, so ignore the hideousness of it. The wig was a "for-no-reason" gift from my stepmom several months ago, on the occasion of Christian spending the night over there and begging a trip to the Wal-Mart(s). Her pink Converse (at the time this photo was taken were muddy in the garage) I bought at Target. The leggings she already had.

She was lucky; she got to wear her costume three times this week. Thursday was "Dress Like a Rock Star" day at school, Friday was a party at my aunt's house, and Saturday was Halloween.

Cullen is a pain in the a$$ a little touchy about costumes, so we just put him in his cowboy clothes, down to little spurs, which he loves, and refers to as "spurts." He loved getting his make-up done, which tickled Hubs to no end.

Cavan was a fat little indian. I made the headdress Friday night. His costume was borrowed from my SIL, whose oldest wore it for his first Halloween. I'm guessing her mom made it? It was pretty cute. Unfortunately, Cavan's "warpaint" is long-wearing, and ghostly traces of it are still visible today.

We trick-or-treat each year by way of a hay ride, courtesy of our neighbors. It is the way to do trick-or-treating, let me tell you. First, we head to our HOA for free hot dogs, nachos and drinks, a few brave souls go through the haunted house, then we're off for all the candy the kids can get.

Cullen picked up trick-or-treating really fast!

By the end of the night, as the unsuspecting homeowner was dropping candy in his bucket, he was reaching into their candy bowl for more!

We had so much fun. I think everybody did. And we were trend-setters, apparently. Last year we were the only hay ride through the neighborhood, but this year there were quite a few. That's okay, though. We're the OHR*.

I love this picture. He looks very Eastwood, eh? Tough little cowboy with a sticky (grass-covered, from his fall off the sidewalk) lollipop.

This house pulled out all the stops. Christian stopped for a picture; my neighbor's daughter, a.k.a. the "Cheerless Cheerleader," is wondering what the heck possessed Christian to slow down in the candy-getting festivities.

And then there was the obligatory Grumpy Old Man. The kids were gathered on the porch, waiting for someone to open the door, when GOM came out of the garage, waving his arms and yelling at the kids:

"Get out of here! Quit ringing my doorbell! We don't have any candy! Don't you see the lights are off??? (The porch light was, but his entire walkway was illuminated with solar lights, and both front windows were illuminated by the lights inside the house. The garage door was open, and the lights were on in there, too. It looked fairly inviting.) Go somewhere else!" he grouched.

Jerk. We should have gone back later with a Halloween gift for him.

Not that I do that sort of thing.


This little lion was about the cutest thing in fur I've seen. He belongs to my neighbors. Actually, he belongs on the Gerber label. My neighbor's nose is also in there. That's the only picture I'm going to post of her, for fear of her Facebook page, and retribution. Yes, I'm a coward. I freely admit it. Get an awful picture dirt on me, and all your secrets are forever safe.

One final picture of my skinny little lollipop-lovin' cowboy, with his spurts.

*Original Hay Ride