Monday, October 12, 2009


My neighbor's husband (also my neighbor, FYI) had a birthday in mid-August. She asked if I would make his favorite NASCAR driver, Kasey Kahne, out of sugar, standing next to her husband. She wanted them both standing in front of Kasey's car, which would be chocolate cake.

I nervously agreed... what was I thinking???

The day approached, and I got to baking. I got the cake baked and filled and carved and iced... and she called asking if it could be frozen, since she was suffering unbelieveable pain, and her husband was taking her to the ER. She had a rather large kidney stone, and ended up having surgery and staying in the hospital for a few days. Needless to say, the party was postponed.

So after she got better, she called to re-schedule, except it was my turn for surgery.

After I got better, we all got the flu.

Once sickness and disease had been eradicated from our side of the street, we re-settled on a new date for the party.

But nobody could come, since it was opening weekend of dove season and hello? Priorities!

To make a long story longer, the party was this past weekend, and was tons of fun.

And here's the finished cake:
Like I said, the car was chocolate cake, with chocolate ganache, and strawberry puree. It was sooooo good! Especially if you're a chocoholic. Which I am. Which you can probably tell just by looking at me.
But whatever.

His wife doesn't like chocolate cake, so I made another cake for the car to sit on. It was white almond sour cream and strawberry swirl. Also yummy.

I don't know if you can tell, but I actually cut away the fondant to reveal inset windows, just to make it a little more realistic, not that this cake is even in the realm of realistic. So I guess I did it just to make more work and frustration for myself.
I'm good at that. Making more work and frustration for myself, I mean; not making NASCAR cakes. Just in case I wasn't clear on that.
But the windows (and tires and inset grill) were all solid chocolate, so it wasn't just for show.

I was quite excited to get to try out the new toy Hubs got for my birthday... an airbrush! We were both amazed at the difference it made. I airbrushed red on top of the red fondant, and it really gave it a depth it didn't have with just fondant alone. I also airbrushed some black details on the car, and the black cake underneath. Seriously, who wants to eat solid black icing? Not me, so I thought airbrushing the outer layer would help cut down on the black teeth at the party.

They didn't want to cut it, so they made me do it. I asked where they wanted me to start, and they said to start at the front. As soon as the front of the car was gone, my neighbor's husband yelled, "Kasey's hit the wall!" Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened the next day.

Kasey was doing pretty well in Sunday's race (I am not a NASCAR fan, but was secretly rooting for him after having spent more hours than I care to count re-creating him and his car out of sugar!) but it was all over but the crying when he went head-first into the wall.

But dang, his car tasted good.

And, really, that's all that matters. Right?


maryanne said...

great cake!

Melanie said...

Dang, you even did all the sponsor stickers on the cake too? You're so good!

Crystal said...

Another awesome cake! You are so good at the fondant sculpting, I'm always impressed!

James ~n~ Amber said...

O my !!! SO SO awesome !!!

Tracye said...

Thanks everyone!

It was fun to do, and I'm glad to have done a car finally!

Especially since Cullen wants a Monster Jam birthday party...

Southerner said...

Oh man, i wish you lived close- my FIL is a huge Nascar fan. You are just awesome. I have made all my kids birthday cakes so I know the talent and time you have put into them. Mine are so sad (but filled with love)

I am so sorry to be so long in replying about the smocking. We have been on fall break and have had family. Thank you so much for the sweet compliments. I meant that none of my kids want smocked items when I said no one wants it. At this time I am not making items to sell. We stay so busy that I just don't have time. I hope one day to finish the items and give them as gifts or sell them.

Erin said...

Wonderful cake! I was wondering what tips you have for carving it. I'm going to do one for a grooms cake and would love to model it after yours (cause yours was the best looking one I found).