Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mmmmm... smells good!

Last night Hubs had to head out of town, so I was on my own with the three maniacs.

Just after he left, I decided to wash the few dishes that were in the sink. I picked up a super-sharp knife I had used earlier to slice cheese for cheese and crackers as an afternoon snack for Thing 1 and Thing 2. And sliced my finger open.

I said a few naughty words as blood came pouring out. I had visions of a late night in the ER dancing in my head. I rinsed it under hot water and started wrapping paper towels around it. With a few minutes of pressure the bleeding stopped, so I continued washing dishes... after I bandaged it, of course.

One was a pan full of caramelized sugar. I've been working on some details for an upcoming cake, and didn't need as much cooked sugar as I had.

So I filled the pan with hot water and set it on the stove to melt away. I washed the last few things and went to catch up on some computer graphics I've been playing around with.

A few minutes later, Christian came to let me know the hallway was full of smoke.

I freaked out.

"What??? Why is the hallway full of smoke???" I asked her.

She said she didn't know, but that the kitchen, living room and dining room were smokey, too.

I jumped up and ran into the kitchen. I realized that I had left the pan boiling on the stove. All the water had boiled away, and the sugar that was left was now a charred, black, bubbled mess. It was disgusting.

I grabbed the pan and ran out the front door, then ran around the house opening doors and windows and turning on fans.

It was quite the aroma, let me tell you.

And the pan! It was a Pampered Chef Professional series. I was pretty sure it was garbage, but I tried to salvage it... by putting more hot water in and setting it on the stove.

This time, I didn't leave it. Each time it boiled, I would empty it out, scrub the bottom a little, and put more boiling water in. Eventually, it all came out.

I know.

This morning, The Smell was still with us.

I have spent the greater part of the day wiping, scrubbing, spraying and disinfecting every hard surface in the house, and Febreeze-ing all the soft surfaces. I have used Lysol, Febreeze spray, Febreeze Wet Swiffers, some frou-frou counter spray (citrus mint ylang-ylang, if you're interested; smells un-bee-leev-a-bul), frou-frou stainless steel spray, six candles (four scents), and even a new air vent air freshener.

I think The Smell has been eradicated.

Some friends came over this afternoon, and the first thing they said was how yummy the house smells. When Christian got hom from school, she also said it smelled good.

The Smell.

It must be lodged in my nasal cavity, because it still lingers.



sarahe said...

what a night! glad you salvaged the pan though!

Tracy said...

I'm sure the smell wasn't so hot, but imagine this... One day I was cooking up some onions and bell peppers for King Ranch Casserole. I asked Brian to cut up a Jalapeno so that I could use it in the casserole.. I walked out of the house to do something, came back in and it hit me. My eyes were burning so bad I had to grab a towel in the laundry room before going back into the kitchen. Needless to say, when I asked him to cut the Jalapeno, he also assumed I meant throw it in the skillet too.

AND... I've got that quilt in the works. In the mail by Monday! Hold me to it!! I'll send some pics your way/or on my blog over the weekend so you can see.