Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Do you remember the show Dinosaurs? From the 90's?

There was an episode in which one of them got sick and we got a look into their biochemistry. We saw germs having a party inside their body, dancing, singing, drinking fancy cocktails with umbrellas.

Well, the dinosaur doctor prescribed some glowing blue liquid. The dinosaur drank it, and immediately we were transported inside their body to see the germs eradicated.

Only, they weren't eradicated.

The party was full of dancing germs, holding martini glasses full of the glowing blue liquid. Suddenly, the germs stopped. Surely they were going to die, right?


The germs divided, and instantly became two germs drinking cocktails of the glowing blue liquid.

Which is exactly what I believe has gone on inside my body this week.


Lisa said...

I remember that show! It was hilarious! My dad's mother-in-law actually looked like the Gramma. Too funny. "NOT THE MOMMA!" Hope you feel better soon!

MaryAnne said...

I never saw that show, but that does not sound good. Hope you feel better soon!

sarahe said...

heehee--hubs and i were talking about that show the other night. the one with the leftovers that went bad gave me nightmares.

feel better!