Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stream of Consciousness

I'm going to try it... just to show you what it's like to spend a minute in my mind.

You're welcome.

Last night, I was awakened at 12:30 in the morning. So I guess it wasn't really last night, but early this morning. Christian was standing over me, asking me to hurry and call the radio station because they were giving away tickets to the aquarium. Right then. I'm not making this up.

She's lucky she saw the sun today.

We were up late the night before. We went to my dad's house for a visit, and then stopped off at my brother and sister-in-law's house before leaving town. I had some maternity clothes to give her. We ended up staying there until 10:30... which means we got home just before 11:30. Hubs and my brother were duking it out on the Wii. Tennis, boxing, bowling... they did it all. I tried to do the tennis, but just couldn't get it. But believe you me, I'm going to practice all day while he's at work, and one of these days I'm going to spank him.

No, he'd probably like that too much. (Hi, Mom!)

We need another controller for our Wii. I bought one (a Wii; not an extra controller) recently. I think it was two weeks ago. I also got the Wii Fit. My opinion? I have enough problems in my life. I don't need my video game insulting me. As I was creating my Mii, Christian said, "Mommy! Why'd your tummy get so big?" Wow. What an ego booster.

We are, as a family, quite addicted to the ski jump and ski slalom games. They're a lot of fun. Except when you try your very best, beat your personal high score, and still your Mii hangs its head in shame. Just because I'm not where Wii thinks I should be, I get that??? Whatev. At least it didn't tell me to, and I quote, "GIVE UP!" (Hi, Hubs!) Apparently he's not cut out to be a Wii golfer.

I'm working on a cake right now. Well, not right now. Right now I'm typing this post. But I have been working on a cake. It's for another OB in my OB's office. She's pregnant with twin boys, and they've asked me to make a baby shower cake. It's a non-traditional shower, and I'm pretty excited about this one. Which is so completely different from usual, because I never get excited to make cakes. ;) It's a sport-themed shower, and the cake is going to be all primary colors; not one pastel, powdery blue to be found. But I think it will be cute.

There's a full moon tonight. I think Hubs and Christian are outside looking at it through a telescope. Cullen just went to bed; Chubs needs to eat one more time and then he'll be joining Cullen. (giant stage whisper: they've been sleeping in the same room for a while now! yippee!)

Now, of course, all hell will break loose tonight.

When will I learn?


Anonymous said...

christian needs to win... keep trying but maybe only in daylight. tell cullen papaw will be home tommorrow (thurs). keep it sane and have a great day..

James ~n~ Amber said...

Wow I had no idea that radio stations gave away tickets in the middle of the night. Can't wait to see your cake !

BTW, I do love going to the aquarium. The aquarium restaurant that is. I think I prefer the one in Downtown. We may be talking about totally different aquariums !

Linda said...

soooo......did you win tickets? i never can dial the number quick enough! you should be thankful she was listening to KSBJ and not watching cartoon network at that time of the night;) i feel your pain! i have been trying to get motivated to go up to school since 7 a.m. and have found everything else to do besides that! just think...in 20 years we wont have anything to think about and will be wishing our kids were kids again....why is life so complicated...thank you God! :)

Tracye said...

Sane? SANE??? Sure.

I'm pretty sure it's the Downtown Aquarium. That's what I keep hearing on KSBJ, anyway. If I'm remembering correctly. Which I may not be.

Linda, you know the Lottery's motto, "You can't win if you don't play"?

We didn't play.

And why on earth would you want to be anywhere at 7???

Melanie said...

Random posts are the best!

Erin said...

i love when my wii asks if i fall when i walk. really? i paid for these insults!? they are a whole lotta fun thou.
can't wait to see the cake.