Monday, August 24, 2009

Miss Hanny Montanny

I just dropped her off, and walked her to class... Miss Hannah Montana, 2009. This kid is a fan. Big time. She asks everybody, "Do you like Hannah Montana?" Then she informs them, "I'm a fan."

It's all very matter-of-fact.

Quite obnoxious, I assure you.

She is wearing Hannah Montana clothing from head to toe. Well, the hat and shoes aren't actually Hannah Montana. They're more Hannah Montana-esque. They're inspired by Hannah Montana.
But the shirt, skirt, vest, backpack, lunch bag, hand sanitizer and pencil erasers are Hannah Montana.

The boys are (thankfully!) still sleeping. As I quietly shut the garage door and tried to hang up my keys without making a sound, I heard a grumpy little voice say, "Mommeeeeeeeeeeee."

I stood there, holding my breath, not moving a muscle, praying my knees and/or ankles wouldn't pop. They usually do when I'm trying to be stealthy. It's why I didn't become an assassin.

I sneaked past their room. This time.

Hubs just left to go pick up The Deerslayer his mom, who just spread Bambi all over her radiator, according to latest reports. I believe that brings the count to three this year.


Tomorrow I'm having a procedure. Not to be confused with surgery.

My checkup after Chubs was born came back abnormal, so they did another delightful procedure (is the sarcasm coming through okay?), which resulted in a biopsy, which resulted in the positive identification of pre-cancerous cells.

So, back to the procedure. They'll be cutting out all those weird cells. Should be completely painless and quite enjoyable. Cough. Sputter. Cough. Unfortunately, since I'm nursing Gigantor, I can't take the Xanax my doc would normally prescribe a patient having this procedure.

So I think I'll just show up drunk.

After this, I get to go back every three months (Yay me!) to double-check that the pre-cancerous cells are gone and not coming back.

I think the next step is a cone biopsy (which will have to be done in a hospital under anesthesia) and then a hysterectomy. Since we're not completely sure we're completely done having babies, the doc doesn't want to do a hysterectomy.

So, if I were finished having babies, I'd be having a hysterectomy??? I don't really want to think about that. I also don't want to think about the fact that my aunt died of cervical cancer a few years ago.

So I won't.

Anyway, send big giant prayers this way tomorrow, would you please?


Melanie said...

A hysterectomy? Yikes! Yeh, don't think about that--you'll be A-OK, but yes get drunk before the appt. haha---Just Pump and Dump!

Anonymous said...

i want to say in my out deer, here i come...they just like my car..those deer sirens do not work if the little deer is running after his momma...prayers are with you and remember that the hannah montana clone is a doll. she was ready for school on sunday morning...i am ready to be put out to pasture...airconditoner went out, water heater went out, and now deductable on ins for car... who thinks i am made out of money out there.....must do pentance for past everyone mil

MaryAnne said...

I must say, Miss Hannah Montanna looks adorable.

Sending prayers your way...

Linda said...

prayers are on the way... be thinking about ya! call if you need anything, I'M SERIOUS!!! take it easy and make sure hubby pampers you! :)

Tracy said...

Will be thinking about you today! Hope all goes well.

Sorry you've had issues with my blog, not sure what the problem is. As for the twerps, that green mess is supposedly avocado and they hate it. So those pictures were taken before their momma decided to mix it with applesauce, wise choice!

I've got something I've been meaning to send your way. I figured with a new baby you could use it. Will hopefully get it in the mail this week! Fingers crossed!