Sunday, July 19, 2009

What A Day!

(I wrote this a couple days ago, late, late, late at night. Forgive the rabbit trails.)

This day was far different from how I pictured it when I woke up this morning. Hubs went to work, but planned to take the afternoon off.

My FIL left yesterday to go to work near the Mexico border. He'll be gone anywhere from four to six weeks. Since it's been so hot and dry, there is NO GRASS. His cows need something to eat, so Hubs found some hay and was planning to pick it up and take it to his parents' house for them.

I got the kids dressed and ready, and once Hubs got home and changed, we were off.

It was another super-hot, dry day, with temperatures at 100. We drove to the next county over and found the place where the hay was located. Hubs had asked for eight bales, and they loaded them for us.

Cullen had fallen asleep in the truck, but once the first bale landed on the trailer, the whole truck shook. The back tires skidded sideways; that one bale weighed nearly 1,000 pounds. The motion woke Cullen up, and he started crying for Daddy. I got him and Christian out and we all stood around watching bale after bale pile up on the trailer.

Dear Lord, was it ever hot. I was out of the truck for about 10 minutes, and felt the tops of my feet burning.

After the last bale was on, Hubs secured them all to the trailer, and we headed for his parents' house. Our heavy-duty 3/4 ton truck seemed to be struggling, though. Hubs was taking it easy, going around 50 mph and avoiding the overpasses on the highways. The temperature gauge was beginning to inch to the right, so we stopped at a truck stop and filled up and hosed down the radiator. It brought the engine temp back to cool, so we took off again.

Not too far down the highway it started to warm up again. Hubs pulled off the highway and onto a feeder road, and found the one patch of shade to be seen. He got out to open the hood and I turned the air conditioning lower. Just as I did, I heard a sickening sound. I quickly turned the A/C off just as Hubs ran to the driver's door. He reached in and turned the engine off as we listened to it gurgle and hiss. It was over for hauling hay, and we were at least 35 minutes from town, and almost an hour away from his parents' house.

He started calling every one he could think of with a heavy-duty truck that would be capable of hauling such a heavy load in this heat.

I got the baby out to feed him. I didn't want him trapped in his carseat in a truck with no air-conditioning when it's 100 degrees outside. Christian and Cullen quickly began to get restless, so I gave them the snack bag I had the forsight to pack, and let them go to town on it.

Hubs called his mom at work, and asked her to come pick up the kids. Hubs and I would stay with the trailer until help arrived, but we really wanted the kids (especially the baby) out of the heat.

Even though she stopped to pick up cold bottled water for us, and several gallons for the truck, she arrived maybe 20 minutes later. Maybe. Thanks to her pride and joy:

That's a Shelby Mustang GT. Or a Mustang Shelby GT. Or a GT Shelby Mustang. But it's got to be one of those. Carol Shelby even signed the glove compartment for them... but I digress. I told her there must have been a MIL-shaped hole in the wall of her office, and the smoke was still hanging over her parking space. She heard: "stuck, grandbabies, hot," and took off. ;) That car can move.

Hubs' cousin Kody quickly showed up with his truck. We disconnected to the trailer; he connected to it, and we headed for home. By the time we got to our house, Kody's truck was also overheating. He had to drive (he deserves a medal for this) with the heater on. In 100 degree heat.

We got home and Kody took our truck and Hubs drove Kody's truck out to his parents' after it had cooled off a bit. I took a cold shower, put on dry clothes, and headed out there to get the kids.

Hubs unloaded the hay while MIL bathed the kids and I fed the baby.

We came home and got everybody's teeth brushed and put all the babies in bed. Hubs went to get in the shower, at last. He stood in the door and said, "Ummmm, there's no water."

[Head smack to the forehead] That's right. Our utility district had sent out a note (I had read it that morning) that the water would be off from 11:00 pm until 2:00 am to repair a line. It was 11:04.

This was sooooo not the day I envisioned.


Erin said...

My goodness you guys are not having much luck lately? Hopefully cooler weather will find you guys soon!

Melanie said...

Holy Moly--what a day--than no water for Hubs to take a shower? Poor thing--I'm sure you guys eventually had to laugh about that but dang that's gotta suck.

MaryAnne said...

Wow. Glad you had relatives to help out...

Crystal said...

Wow, what a day! It's good that your MIL and husband';s cousin got there so quickly. I hope you guys get some rain soon. It's been hot and dry here until a few days ago when we finally got some rain. It is amazing how much cooler it has been these past few days.

Anonymous said...

when you are in this family...nothing really goes as really have learned to roll with the punches... i guess that comes from having all the

Linda said...

what a day! you forgot about us- i could have BROUGHT you bryan's truck, but there's no way i would have pulled the hay! yalls luck has to get better after that kind of day. remind him that there IS always baby wipes he could have used - there is a solution to every dilema :) and yes... we need rain... Jesus bring the rain!