Saturday, July 18, 2009

So We Need Some Rain...

Earlier this week, Hubs came home from work, and mentioned there was a grass fire burning across the highway that leads to our neighborhood. It's been so dry here. We've only had 6 inches of rain this year, and more than two weeks of triple-digit-temp days. Definitely desert conditions. There's been a burn-ban in effect for quite some time. Apparently some Union Pacific Railroad employees were doing some work, and a spark set off the fire. We weren't worried, since it was across the highway, although we could smell smoke.

Just minutes after Hubs got home there was a knock at the door. Our across-the-street-neighbor's mother was at the door, needing to borrow our phone. She was supposed to pick up her grandchildren, but the daycare is located across the street from the fire, and was evacuated. She didn't know where the kids were. It was a frightening time. She found out they'd been taken to Christian's elementary school, which is also across the highway from the fire. Not a great plan, if you ask me. Which no one did.

Hubs changed out of his uniform and turned on the sprinklers. Then he took off to check the status of the fire. He said he'd be right back. An hour later, he came home, reeking of smoke. By this time, our house was full of it, too.

The fire had jumped five lanes, and was heading for our neighborhood.

The fire burned right up to the backyard of the houses two streets over from us, before the fire departments got it out. Our county commissioner had this strip dozed to try to keep it out of the backyards.

It burned a huge section of land behind that street, and next to our neighborhood pool, convenience store and hamburger place, as well as many acres across the highway.

Our house smelled like smoke for a couple days, even though we all washed our hair and clothes that night.

Jesus, Bring the Rain.

Never a more fitting time for that song, eh?


Lori ~ The Simple Life at Home said...

Wow, Tracye, how scary!! I'm glad that no one was injured, and if I understood correctly, no one lost their property - just land was burned, right? I've lived in both hurricane and earthquake zones, but I'd be terrified of fire. Glad you are ok.

James ~n~ Amber said...

Oh my, that is so scary. We are in Crosby and in the same boat. We did actually get about an hour of rain day before yesterday, bit all it did was settle the dust. The forecast says 60% chance today, but it was supposed to start last night, and it's 5 am, I'm up, and no rain....don't ask me why I'm up. Hubs had to work today and called to let me know he was headed home because he forgot something, now I can't go back to sleep.....

Tracye said...

Lori, nothing on this side of the highway was lost. I think all that's on the other side is land. I don't think anyone lost anything. Some guys from the Galveston emergency management office told Hubs that we'll probably get a major hurricane again this year. He said historically, years with as little rain as we've had have brought major ones. I don't like them AT ALL. But I especially freak out about tornadoes. This is the first time fire has come so close. Not fun, either.

Amber, we got a little last night, but not nearly enough. It didn't make it to you? The forecast shows chances of it again tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday. Christian's visiting my BIL & SIL in League City this weekend... not too far from you! Your husband is already gone for work by 5??? Ugh.

Erin said...

that is very scary. i hope you all reamin safe and get some rain soon!
ur in my prayers!