Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Spoke Too Soon

Saturday night Hubs and I took the leap; we bit the bullet; we took the bull by the horns; we, well, we put Cavan to sleep in his own bed in the room he (has since) been sharing with Cullen.

It was bliss. Except there wasn't much difference, since he's been sleeping through the night for quite a while now. I usually have to wake him up after nine or ten hours, because that's about as long as I can go without my chest exploding. Sorry, men, but there it is. But I was excited to have my closet go back to being just a closet.

But it's been nice. We've been putting Cullen in bed, then Cavan joins him (albeit in his own bed) after his last feeding of the day. It's usually after 11:00. Then, one or the other, usually Cavan, wakes them both up the next morning. The first night it wasn't until around 9:30. The next, it was 8:30, which is still a respectable time.

Sunday night we (stupidly) remarked that this whole "moving Cavan into his room at night" thing has gone considerably smoother than we thought it would.

Do you know what's coming?

Of course you do.

This morning, he decided 4 was a good time to wake up. He hasn't woken up before 8 or 9 since I-don't-even-remember-when. Even in a San Antonio hotel he slept six or seven hours the first night, and then almost ten the next. So this morning he starts talking to himself (I have the baby monitor next to the bed), which is something "the book*" says all babies do, but should go back to sleep if you let them. Cullen and Christian both did. Cavan decided he wanted some company, though. He just kept talking away, so after about 30 minutes I turned the monitor off.

Now, before you get your knickers in a knot, understand that 1. he wasn't crying; he was "uhhhhhhh"-ing, 2. he ate until almost midnight, 3. he usually goes double that length of time at night. After all that, you'll probably reach the same conclusion I did: he wasn't hungry; he just woke up during the night in a semi-new place, and wanted his mommy. Unfortunately, his mommy was dead to the world.

About an hour later I jolted awake, and realized the monitor was still off. I turned it back on, and all was quiet.

Hubs' alarm went off 6:30, and he got up and took a shower. An hour later, simulaneously two things happened: hubs opened the bedroom door carrying a squalling baby, and I heard Cullen fussing through the monitor. Chubs had woken up again, but this time he wasn't going to be put off.

I fed him. Cullen went back to sleep. Hubs left for work. Chubs fell asleep on the ta-ta, again. I put him back to bed, in my closet. I went back to sleep.

It's now noon, and I'm about to go wake up Chubs and feed him again, the little trickster.

When will we ever learn?

You don't mention when things with babies begin to feel like a nice, happy routine!

Because, sure enough, they'll mix it up on you. Usually in the middle of the night.

* "The book," is the book I used to sleep-train all three. It's called, "On Becoming Babywise," and it teaches you how to train babies to sleep through the night. It has worked with all three of mine. At two weeks, I was waking Christian up after seven or eight hours. With Cullen, it was about that time frame, mabye three weeks. Cavan was about the same, too. Most Babywise babies will do it around 6 weeks. I think the statistics are 80%. Just FYI.


Melanie said...

The Babywise book is the bomb. We used that for Tenley too and it worked like a charm.

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