Friday, July 17, 2009

Have You Seen This?

Cavan is way too lazy for any of this. Maybe in another month or two he'll be ready to start lessons. You know, once he can hold his head up on his own.

And then there was the Fourth of July... so what if I'm a little late with the pics?

Sassy! This girl is just too darn beautiful. I dressed all five of us in red, white and blue, and the second we get to Aunt Laura's (who lives on the lake) Christian runs to change into her swimsuit. So this is one of two pics I got of her before she changed.

I kept telling him to be still and smile, but apparently what he heard was, "Squat down, put your hands on your knees and look confused."

Wow. Am I going to have to lock her up in a few years, or what? There was a little boy there, and he gave her a note (!!!) with a heart on it (!!!) that said, "Your my frand." Awwwwww. Hubs wanted to find the kid and whoop him.

He has this uncanny ability to look sweet and innocent. Which he is so NOT.

Chubs didn't get in any pics. He was wearing a onesie that said, "100% Hunk," or something like that. Should have said, "100% Hunk of Beefy Baby Rolls." Or something like that.

He spent the day napping in the arms of various family members.

He didn't complain.


Erin said...

i did see that video and it was flippin hilarious!! i think i laughed until i cried!

Melanie said...

Yeh, that video has been passed around back and forth between all the derby gals. :)
Christian looks so big and grow up--I love her new hair do. :)

And yes, Cullen always looks so innocent--how does he do that but still manage to get into so much trouble?

Anonymous said...

he is innocent... there is a plot to blame him for everything, i think... he is my doll. he must just happen to be close by when things go wrong...maybe just looking to help???? mil

Kelsey said...

Christian told me allllll about the note this weekend! And she also informed me that she has been boy-crazy since she was 5. Or maybe 4. She's a little hazy on the details - ha! Poor Daddy, I don't think he knows what's in store for him in a few short years! He could always quote Harry Connick, Jr. from the movie New In Town, when a boy came to pick up his daughter for a (chaperoned) date, "I was 14 once, so I know what's going on in your head. And your pants. Keep in mind, whatever you do to my daughter...I'm gonna do to you." But I'm betting that he'll just show off his collection of guns and ammo to get his point across :)