Thursday, July 16, 2009

Family Vacation

A couple weeks ago we went to San Antonio for three days. Which was more than enough time spent in a hotel room with an infant, a toddler, and a young child.

Oh, the joys of family vacations. Good times. Good times.

We did significantly less than any of us wanted to do, but that's to be expected with a nursing infant and a toddler who becomes super grumpy every time the wind changes direction. But the good news is that all three kids made it home safe and sound. There were a few times we were tempted to leave them on the Riverwalk with a sign that read, "FREE!" but we couldn't find a marker.

Oh, I kid. Or not.

Anyway, a photographic journey of our, um, journey:

First stop was the Buckhorn Saloon, which, let me tell you, is THE place to go in San Antonio. Forget the Alamo, nosirree. The Buckhorn Saloon is a must-see.

There is all manner of stuffed carcass and whathaveyou.

"Whathaveyou" being an old western town, complete with blacksmith shop and realistic sound effects. Which makes your kids ask you 2,496 times, "But what's making that noise?"

Right now, Cullen is trying to locate the barking dog. Another realistic sound effect that goes off every time someone steps near that barrel that other kid is fascinated by.

Although, this was nice. It's an old-fashioned jail. So we put him in there. "Better get used to those bars, kid."

Name that movie.

Then Christian bellied up to the bar so Hubs could pretend to pour her a drink out of one of the many cemented-down bottles. Note the period-appropriate porcelain pedestal sink in the corner.

Christian was sure she could figure out how to get a root beer herself, since Daddy obviously had no clue what he was doing back there.

Here, Thing 1 and Thing 2 are patiently waiting for us to quit photographing every. stinkin. piece. of touristy-western crap memorabilia in the place.

The Buckhorn Saloon is on the cutting-edge of pop culture. Christian wanted to get her picture taken with "The Guy on the Horse in Night at the Museum." Otherwise known as Teddy Roosevelt.

Looky! More stuffy carcasses! Or is it carcassi?

Then there's Dexter, the Capuchin Monkey, also from Night at the Museum.

The Buckhorn is actually five museums in one. There's the horn and antler collection, reputed to be the largest in the world (!!!); a wax museum of Texas history (double !!!); the Texas Ranger museum (okay, all sarcasm aside, this would have been quite interesting, had I been able to view it. Unfortunately, I was chasing Thing 1 and Thing 2 and reminding them that we were in a museum, and a museum is not a place to chase, wrestle and scream.); there's also the aquatic reef (stuffed, of course); and... something else. But it was quite good, I'm sure.

After that riveting adventure, we walked across the street to the Children's Museum. Here, Christian has encased herself inside a giant soap bubble. She and I actually got in there together, and got the bubble all the way up over my head. Cullen was crying in the stroller.

This is a nail sculpture of Christian's and my butt. Mine's the little one.

Cullen decided to stop throwing a hissy fit and play with all the cool stuff we don't have at home. Like toothbrushes. And teeth.

Then Christian milked "Alamoo," the museum's water-lactating cow. Does water-lactating make sense? Since "lact" means "milk," I'm not sure that's accurate. I'll get back to you on that. But dude! That cow gave water instead of milk!

And then Cullen had to ride it.

You probably can't tell from the picture, but Christian is yelling at Cullen to put it down! And to stop doing that! And that she had it first! And that she was going to tell Mom! Who, by the way, could have cared less at this point, and just kept standing there taking pictures.

Our last day in SA was rather hurried, as we tried to pack up all the junk we had stuffed into a tiny hotel room. We had a VERY short visit with my friend, M'lissa, on our way out of town. I haven't seen her in quite some time. I had forgotten how much I love being around her. She is so freaking funny. It wasn't near enough time spent with her, but luckily she doesn't live that far away.

Here is Christian with M'lissa's daughter, Ashley. Also known as Christian's best friend that day.

One of these days I'll call Hubs from the road, telling him I'm on my way to M'lissa's house, and to please get Cullen off the roof, give Christian something to eat, and change the baby because he has a poopy diaper.

Or not.

I can dream though. Right?


Anonymous said...

looks like you all had a great, you never get a quite day again so give it up...they looked so sweet.. make plans with m'lissa and i will watch the kids for a little while to help old dad the pic'

James ~n~ Amber said...

We just got back from San Antonio, but didn't make it to the museum. I love that place though !

Anonymous said...

No, you have to bring occupy Ashley! Cullen you can leave on the roof, but bring the butterball to me!!!
Had a blast and miss seeing you more!


Anonymous said...

Dude...just read the mil when are you coming???