Saturday, June 27, 2009

Latest Cake

No, it's not big news... it's just a cake.

I made it for my OB and his staff (especially his nurse, who's soooo sweet, knowledgeable and helpful) as a thank you.

It was white almond sour cream and strawberry swirl with chocolate ganache filling. They thought it was cute... which I was really glad about. I kept changing my mind over making this one or just a simple pretty round cake. I also took plates, forks and napkins; I wasn't sure what would be available at a women's clinic. I'm guessing tableware isn't kept in stock.

My doctor seemed really touched and kept saying, "Nobody's ever done anything like this for me before."
He's a really good doctor, and has a wonderful personality. Not to mention he takes unbelievable pictures! I took one of him and his nurse holding Fatty McButterpants, but don't really want to post it. I didn't ask if they would mind, and certainly don't want to without their permission.

I hope to not see him again with one of these in my hand for quite some time!!!


Melanie said...

That is an awesome cake and so sweet of you to make that for them. I don't know how you find the time to make those cakes with 3 kiddos and not a lot of sleep. you go girl.

Erin said...

That is such a neat idea! I bet they all got a laugh out of it!
Your kids tee shirts are cute, too.

emily said...

Cute cake/idea!

Hey Traceye! Thanks for checking on me. I'm fine; just have lost my blogging mojo! Life is good and busy. Hope you are well!

Linda said...

you are so talented and thoughtful!