Saturday, June 27, 2009

Latest Cake

No, it's not big news... it's just a cake.

I made it for my OB and his staff (especially his nurse, who's soooo sweet, knowledgeable and helpful) as a thank you.

It was white almond sour cream and strawberry swirl with chocolate ganache filling. They thought it was cute... which I was really glad about. I kept changing my mind over making this one or just a simple pretty round cake. I also took plates, forks and napkins; I wasn't sure what would be available at a women's clinic. I'm guessing tableware isn't kept in stock.

My doctor seemed really touched and kept saying, "Nobody's ever done anything like this for me before."
He's a really good doctor, and has a wonderful personality. Not to mention he takes unbelievable pictures! I took one of him and his nurse holding Fatty McButterpants, but don't really want to post it. I didn't ask if they would mind, and certainly don't want to without their permission.

I hope to not see him again with one of these in my hand for quite some time!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Just a Little Eye-Candy for Popo

Who doesn't get to see "the Heathens," as they've come to be known around here, very often.

I made these shirts for them BEFORE Rascall Fatts was born, and have waited until recently to put them on them.

Cute, no?

Monday, June 22, 2009

And Now, Deep Thoughts...

My greatest fear in becoming a mother was always sleep deprivation.

I need a lot of sleep. When I don't get enough I get sick. I've never been accused of being nice (shut up Courtney! you, too, Mom!) but without enough sleep I'm downright intolerable.

My greatest fear in becoming a mother should have been this face:

And all the times he's emptied the flour canister in the pantry, and all the times he's taken off his poopy diapers without telling me, and all the times he's emptied entire bottles of soap onto the floor, and all the times he's destroyed his sister's room while I'm feeding the baby, and all the times he's walked around the backyard hitting random things (and windows) with a hammer, and all the times he's turned his slushy upside down in the car, and all the times he's "rocked" the baby in the bouncy seat when I've stepped out of the room, and all the times he's thrown a fit and screamed loud enough to shatter glass, and all the times he's emptied his bathwater onto the bathroom floor, and all the times he's climbed onto the kitchen counter, and all the times he's sneaked into the pantry and had himself a little party with the snack basket, etc...

But this little face?

Kind of makes up for it.

I just hope he doesn't teach his baby brother any of his tricks.

A Big Change... For Someone Who Resists Big Change

Remember this picture? See how beautiful and long her hair is?

This was the big change:

And she was NOT happy with me about it. Last Sunday, her hair was in a knot the size of my fist. It took quite some time, and many tears, to get it all untangled. It was waaaay past time to get it cut, so I made the decision: after Hubs got home from work the following evening, we would go.
Unfortunately, it must be some universal law that all beauty salons/barber shops/cheap haircut places all be closed on Mondays. So we went to the mall. They aren't allowed to be closed on Mondays, so they'd be forced to cut her hair.
We walked up to the counter about 45 minutes before closing time, and I told the lady that Christian needed a cut. She asked how much. Christian said she wanted to keep it VERY long. Over Christian's head and behind her back (sounds cruel, huh?) I mouthed to cut it all off. We then got into a discussion about how much hair was required to donate it to Locks of Love, and they said ten inches. So they put her hair into a ponytail, and cut it off just above the band. Once the hair was gone, and I saw how short it was (which is how short I thought I wanted it) I had to walk out of the place. I didn't want Christian to see me crying. How's that for being a level-headed adult?
She kept telling me, in her cute little angry voice, that she SAID she DIDN'T want to DONATE IT. But after they finished cutting, styling and drying it, I had to admit it was adorable.

I can tell from the way she walks that she feels quite sassy.

Although she kept insisting that she didn't like it.
So I brought out the big guns: I told her it looks like Aunt Kelsey's hair.

At which point she decided she loves it, and wishes we had cut it during the school year.
For the record, I'm telling her that Aunt Kelsey just LOVES folding clothes, scrubbing bathrooms and changing poopy diapers.
Kelsey, I'd appreciate any reinforcement, kaythanksbye!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Keepin it real

Cullen's taking a nap.

Christian's watching Aladdin, while eating some ice cream as a late-afternoon snack/treat.

Cavan is asleep on my lap, just having finished his late-afternoon snack, and I too am having some ice cream.

I notice a little bite has dribbled onto his fat little wrist...

So, since he (and the ice cream) are both delicious, I just licked it off.

Don't judge.

At least I gave him a bath a few hours ago.

And besides, it was Haagen Dazs with homemade chocolate ganache.

Stuff's like gold.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Two days in a row... it's probably going to rain.

Friday night was like prom for first-graders. Or at least it was for my first-grader. I guess technically she's a second-grader now, though. But I digress.
It was her friend's dance recital, so I did her hair, make-up (!!!), nails, let her wear my necklace, and let her take a special-occasion bag. She even wore perfume. And was gorgeous and yummy-smelling.
She had a wonderful time. Here she is with her friend before they left. I really like the way the leaves look behind them. The way they're blurry and the light looks like circles. It's called "bokeh," and I've been trying to get a good shot of it since I got this fancy-pants camera. Wow. Only took me five months. All the photogs of the world are trembling in fear. I can feel it.

After they left, Hubs took Cullen out to our land to ride around on the four-wheeler. So I had Rascal Fatts all to myself. I put his new blanket on the front yard to try to get some pictures of his beefy self.

Yummy! I could just eat him up.

And these?

Oh, these are dessert. As long as there's not any cheese in between those rolls. Which is usually not the case.

Sorry. That's probably more than you wanted to know.

It just wouldn't be fair to end this post without a picture of this face:

He was angry because his daddy wouldn't let him ride the tractor. It was only because Hubs was trying to cut up and haul away this tree:

It had been damaged in a recent storm, and since my FIL is working out of town right now, Hubs took care of it for him.

And lastly, a picture of Hubs using the tractor to load up some of the limbs he cut off.

But wait. What is that? Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Ah yes. It's a chainsaw stuck in a tree.

Which, if I remember correctly, is something Hubs mocked my brother for just a couple weeks ago.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Not much...

Just a few veggies from our very first garden. This is actually the second MONSTER zucchini we've gotten. They hide deep in the vines until they're HUGE. We also got another normal size zucchini, and a few handfuls of green beans. Not enough for even one person. Unfortunately, they wilted and had to be thrown away before we got enough to cook with dinner. Can you freeze zucchini? I don't want to get a bunch and then they all rot before we eat them. I also don't want to eat it with every meal, either.

I made four loaves of zucchini bread with one monster and one normal one. It was really good. I gave two away and froze one. We ate the last one for breakfast for about a week.

There are a few more small zucchini still out there, a few yellow squash trying hard to make it, and one acorn squash that's still pretty small. This is the first (and only) cucumber I've seen. I think I picked it too soon, though. I guess I won't know for sure until I eat it. The carrots are coming up, but won't be ready for a while. Ditto for the corn. I can't wait until we have fresh, grilled sweet corn! I could make a meal out of just that. We planted a few onions, but I haven't seen any yet.

Here are a few pictures of my COMPLETELY HEALED baby. First, asleep in his carseat:
And rolled up tight like a burrito for a nap:
We had him dedicated at church yesterday. He was so good. When the pastor held him up for the congregation to see, and they put his fat little self on the jumbo screens, he got his fair share of, "Awwwwwwww," 's. He wore the same little gown and slippers that Cullen wore when we had him dedicated.

Wasn't he just the skinniest, handsomest little baby? He's been skinny from the beginning.

We'll take Cavan's picture in this gown in a couple weeks. With both Christian and Cullen we had pictures made every month during their first year. Can't quit now.
Have a great Monday!