Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Real Texas Wedding

We went to the neurologist yesterday. He said Cavan has improved ALOT, which we already knew. He said he doesn't think he needs any physical therapy, and he doesn't need to come back to be seen again! HALLELUJAH!!!

He did a lot of the same physical tests he performed four weeks ago, and a few new ones. He (sounding surprised) said, "Oh! You even have some reflexes!" after he knocked Cavan's elbows with his little hammer.


And now, back to your regularly scheduled (albeit quite late) blog post...

The wedding we went to a couple weeks ago was really beautiful. It was outside in the afternoon, and with the clouds and light breeze, was actually quite pleasant. Which surprised me. It's usually too hot to step outside longer than it takes to get the mail!

It was held at a beautiful ranch, and they had so much to see and do. The kids (and adults!) had a blast.


And after:

If you remember, I made that topper. The cupcake tower was made by a friend of mine. The groom's cake was made by a local bakery. They were OH. SO. YUMMY.

Here's Christian, after the ceremony, posing for me... she didn't realize my zoom isn't the greatest.

There was a little pond with a lighted walkway around it. Hubs took the kids out there for a while to burn off a little energy.

I don't know why this is the best picture I got of the bride and groom... maybe because I need to play with this camera a little more! Or remember to put it back on auto after I try something fancy.

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MaryAnne said...

Wonderful news about Cavan!

Your cake topper was perfect for that cake :)