Friday, May 1, 2009

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Baby-Babies...

Or is it four?

I guess it depends on how you're counting.
You all know I just had a little gigantic baby;
that's one... and Hub's brother and wife are expecting their first; that's two... but now, my brother and his wife are expecting their... FOURTH!!! That would be three! Three little babies added to my family this year!!! So three, or FOUR! depending on how you look at it!

I'm sooooooo excited about all the new babies.

So Congratulations! to my brothers and sisters (in-law) on their upcoming blessings!

My brother and his wife were a little blind-sided by this one, to say the least! You see, soon after they found out they were expecting their third (also a surprise!), they had medical intervention to keep their family from growing any larger. It was a horrible, horrible experience that I won't go into here (unless they tell me they don't mind their business posted for all the world to see!) that obviously didn't work.

My SIL had just gotten rid of the last of the baby gear, too. Which is fine, because I have everything she'll need... including much of her old stuff... and I'll just cart it all back to her house. I have her boys' crib, their clothes, her maternity clothes, her baby bottles, burp cloths, baby gym, toys, and Lord only knows what else.
Yay! More babies!

I couldn't be happier for all of them.
And for those of you who want more pics of Gigantor, here are a few:

Here he is while being burped by Daddy. I can't get over how much he looks like Christian at that age! Cavan (and Christian) always gets a look like he's thinking, "Can you PUH-LEASE stop beating on my back? Please???" Just look at those cheekies! I think that's where the majority of his weight ended up. That and his thunder thighs. And his fat little arms. Okay, so the weight is pretty much distributed evenly, but those are still some fat little cheekies!

And possibly the sweetest picture in my possession:

Christian and Cullen just loving all over Cavan the night we brought him home. They LOVE their baby brother. Christian wants to hold him all the time, and Cullen even offered (gasp!) his ganket to the baby!

But then he took it back.

Brotherly love only goes so far.


MaryAnne said...

very cute photos, and how fun to have a bunch of cousins about the same age!

Melanie said...

Those are the biggest cheeks I have ever seen but soooo cute!

Anonymous said...

I am so thrilled for you all. Being the owner of my own ten pounder...I feel with you. Hope all is well and Caven is a doll! And this from the mom who was adament that she would have an only child!!!


Lisa said...

Yes, I was thinking "Cousins to play with!!! Yay!" What a sweet baby, and I especially love that last photo. And lol on the brotherly love comment. With 2 boys close in age, that got a chuckle out of ME!

Anonymous said...

you have made a beautiful family. my grandkids are all least when sleeping..i guess i will never catch up with mimi... is that why she ran away to tn 9 grandkids by years end... look at all the presents she gets to get popo to buy... love ya all mil

Best S.I.L. said...

What a sweet way to solicit for baby stuff!! I expect to get full use out of all your new goodies from the blogs! Just kidding! Love you guys and I love the pics. So true about the brotherly love.

Anonymous said...

Yes you can publish the story about my horrible procedure...everyone at the plant knew about it 3 hours after it well as it's failure!!
If you'd like, I can write it for you & you publish it as you see fit. You might leave out some important details that the public needs to know about.
Hope all is well.