Monday, May 4, 2009

A Few Pictures, an Update, and a Request

Here are a few pictures from Cavan's first nap in his crib yesterday. He, ummm, slept like a baby.

Once he's out, he's out. Some nights he falls asleep immediately and I have to set the alarm to wake him up to eat, and other nights he's up until three or four. Boy, are those fun. But this makes it worth it:

I couldn't resist taking a picture of his little legs all folded up. I just love how babies do that! Usually they're folded up on his tummy, but he was actually cooperating while I changed his diaper. Doesn't happen that often. The cooperating, that is. I actually change his diaper 8 or 27 times a day.

Hubs took this after Christian's bath the other night. She just loves holding the baby.

I have hesitated writing about this next part, but since I covet your prayers, decided to go ahead.

I mentioned that getting Cavan out wasn't so easy; not that anyone thought delivering a ten pound baby would be. But I didn't mention that when he was born the doctor thought he had shoulder dystocia (which I've since discovered is "one of the most frightening emergencies in the delivery room"). The doctor heard a "click" and thought his left shoulder was broken. My doctor, the pediatrician, and the nurse all felt his shoulder and said they couldn't feel a break, but they x-rayed it anyway. No broken bones. Everybody was happy.

We went home and a few days later realized that he doesn't move that arm as much as his right arm. Jump to last Sunday, when he slept ALL day. I expected to be up all night with him, but I ended up waking him at 8:30 Monday morning, after he had slept 7 hours. I thought he'd be frantic to nurse, but he really could have cared less, and fell asleep immediately after latching on. So I took him to the doctor that afternoon. I know most parents would think I'm nuts to be worried my baby was sleeping too much, but when Christian was born (nine pounds, four ounces) the nurses told me that I had to wake her up to eat or her blood sugar would drop and she would be too weak to nurse. I thought maybe that was the case with Cavan. While we were there I mentioned that he doesn't move his left arm very much. Hardly ever, actually.

The doctor wasn't concerned about the eating/sleeping, but he's very concerned about Cavan's arm. We told him that he barely moves it. He can move it, and he moves his fingers a little, but when you pick him up it just hangs limp. So he told us to gently exercise it and that he wants Cavan to be seen by a neurologist at Driscoll Children's Hospital in Corpus Christi.

We looked up a bunch of stuff, and it sounds to us (from our years of intensive training and education) like brachial plexus palsy. There are four levels of severity, ranging from severed nerves at the spine to stretched nerves. The pediatrician called me yesterday to confirm the appointment with the neurologist, and he said it sounds to him like brachial plexus palsy, too. Hopefully it's just a sprain or strain or minor injury that will heal soon. I've read a few articles, and they're pretty scary. They really freaked me out. It's possible that this could heal completely or that he could never have full use of his arm and hand muscles.

The pediatrician told me he's seen several cases of this. The most severe he's seen is an 8 year old girl who has had surgery and years of physical therapy, and has partial use of her arm.

We've realized that anytime Cavan moves his arm, or when we move it to pick him up or burp him or whatever, it causes him extreme pain. So the pedi told us to stop exercising it and keep it as immobile as possible. He didn't want to start him on pain medication, because it would basically have to be given to him around the clock to help him. Last Saturday night he was in so much pain that he was screaming constantly, even when we weren't moving it. We finally had to give him Tylenol.

Our appointment with the neurologist is Wednesday afternoon. Please pray for Cavan. First, that he is healed completely, with full use of all his muscles and complete feeling in them as well, and second, that his pain be relieved. It's so hard to watch him in pain and not be able to help him. It's hard to pick him up without hurting him, and harder to know you're the one causing him pain.

Cavan would really appreciate it.


MaryAnne said...

Poor little guy, he'll be in our prayers. He's absolutely adorable.

Crystal said...

I just said a prayer for Cavan, you, and your family, and will continue to pray for him.

Anonymous said...

i pray everday for my babies and their mother to have a good day. please dear god let him be ok...i love the pictures on top. love ya mil

Melanie said...

I just know he's going to be fine. He's too strong of a boy not to be....and that adorable!

Cat@3KidsandUs said...

Oh hun I hope he's alright. Any chance they just missed a hairline fracture?

Kelsey said...

The internet can be our worst enemy sometimes. It seems like the worst case scenarios are what are discussed the most, and can cause some serious anxiety (at least if you're a worrier like me). I'm sure he will be as good as new before we know it. We will be praying!

Love the pictures!

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Oh, how scary!! Try not to worry too much until you have something concrete to go on. I think often we completely psych ourselves out over what "might" be. I pray that he will be pain free and that the doctors will be able to find whatever the problem is and resolve it.

He continues to be gorgeous!!!

Tracye said...

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

And for the compliments on my "Rub-A-Dub-Chub."

We think he's pretty cute, too.