Friday, April 17, 2009

Some Random Randomness

Anybody notice the little widget just under the picture of the fondant baby? The one with the creepy naked baby that is now full-grown? Notice that last week it said, "I'm fully grown," and now there's only six days to go? Is anybody (besides me) at all freaked out by the fact that there's a "full-grown" human living in my uterus? No? Just me?

And six days?

My doctor's visit yesterday was less than thrilling. Apparently, there's still NOTHING going on. This baby is quite content to stay in, from what the doctor says. I, however, am over providing comfy, warm living quarters, and am quite ready for him to vacate the premises. Unfortunately, it's not up to me.
The only problem is that for whatever reason, Hubs and I make gigantor babies, so the longer he stays in, the bigger he gets. Yay me! It's always pleasant to deliver a toddler, right?

On another note, I do believe I forgot to mention that several weeks ago (actually, the weekend before Christian's birthday, which was almost a month ago) we took the kids to the rodeo in a small town nearby. It was kids' day, which means that with every over-priced adult ticket purchased, a child got in free and also received a ticket for a chance to win a bike.

Christian loved it so much, she didn't even sit with us. She sat right next to all the action, which freaked me out at times.

Cullen did NOT like the loud music at first. When we got there, he saw all the horse trailers and horses and was super excited. But once we started walking to our seats, it was all over but the cryin'. Literally. He wailed and wailed, until I pointed out the cowboys and their horsies, and the cows. Then he got all excited.

But it didn't last. Cullen has not mastered the art of sitting yet, and so sitting on a bench surrounded by people who don't want to be kicked, leaned against, or have coke spilled on them, doesn't really appeal to him all that much. So he started throwing a fit. It was (in his defense) past his naptime, and intermission was just starting, so we decided to head out.
For the record, the above picture is the same cowboy, on the same horse, that is flying past my sweet six-year old daughter as the pick-up cowboys are trying to get him off the bucking horse before he gets killed. He's just about two feet away from her at one point. I was loving that, let me tell you.

So anyway, we were leaving and were just about to the sidewalk, when Hubs heard them drawing the ticket for the bike. And guess who won???

That's right. Just in time for her birthday. A new bike. She was all excited about it until we got home. For some reason, it took her that long to realize that a) it doesn't have training wheels (gasp!) and b) it's a boy's bike. Then she got all annoying and girly and emotional and sad, because she wanted the bike and was excited to have won it, but wasn't all that crazy about riding a green boy's dirt bike. Without training wheels. Because Hubs and I are all about making her do things she doesn't know how to do and isn't ready for, and we just loooooove scaring the fire out of her. So she wanted the bike, and yet she didn't. She's an enigma, that one. Or, you know, a girl.
We ended up taking the bike to the Wal-Marts, and exchanging it for... are you ready for this???
She's on board with it now.


Best S.I.L. said...

I love going to the WalMarts! It is my favorite place of all time!! And the HEBs too!

Tracye said...


MaryAnne said...

I'm glad she got to trade in for what sounds like a girl her age's dream bike :)

Good luck with the baby, my son came 12 days late and after that experience I definitely would not wait that long again...he looked at least two weeks old when he was born, too.

Mzzterry said...

wow. hannah montana bike and everything. she will remember that forever!

Melanie said...

Tenley would have done the same thing about the bike. OY--enough pink already. :)