Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So I Have a Little Story...

It actually started at the doctor's office, on Monday, which I wrote about here. The doctor said my cervix was nowhere near ready to go into labor. Actually, he said I wasn't dilating or effacing at all, and it was very posterior. On top of that, the baby had not dropped.

I believe I mentioned how disappointed I was.

So I went home and wrote a snotty blog post, and then cleaned out my dresser drawers for the first time in, oh, ever.
And then went to bed, resigned to the fact that I'd be pregnant for another LOOOOOOONG week.

I woke up several times throughout the night (as usual for the last couple months) to go to the bathroom. At exactly 3:15 I looked at the clock, and my water broke.

MY WATER BROKE!!! The water, of which my unripe, un-ready-for-labor cervix, was holding back! It BROKE, PEOPLE!!!

So I made the mad dash to the toilet for the second time in my life, as the font gushed forth. Well, as mad a dash as I possibly could have made with a fully-formed human in my midsection.

Once it stopped, I hurriedly got dressed, and began packing. Yes, I know that should have been done already, but I was under the impression that I wouldn't be making my way to the hospital for another week! I put stock in that prediction, and didn't pack a bag! So I was running walking fast around the bedroom and bathroom, trying to think of anything I might need, and trying to figure out where it was located. Then we jumped in the car and took off to the hospital. My contractions were VERY strong and coming every 2-3 minutes.

We got there and I was surprised that I was only dilated to a three. They got the epidural in, and the contractions stopped. So they started pitocin. Unfortunately, the baby wasn't tolerating those contractions very well. His heartrate kept dropping. It was pretty scary there for a while, because I could hear his little heart beating away, and then suddenly it would either slow way down, or stop completely. So they made me lie down on my side and be still, hoping it would help him keep his heart under control. It did, and it was about that time that I started feeling a lot of pressure, which, historically for me, means the baby's coming NOW!

I was dilated 9.5 cm. Almost time. It was 9:30 am at this point, and my OB came in and said he HAD to leave at 10. He said most things in his life are cancellable or re-schedulable, but this one thing he could not miss. He had another doctor on call in case he had to leave before I delivered. So he told the nurse to wait a few minutes and check me again. She did. It was go-time.

I started pushing (or what I thought was pushing, since I had a VERY good epidural and couldn't feel anything) and pushing and pushing and pushing. And pushing.



I was feeling faint and weak and dizzy, so they put oxygen on me. Finally, the doctor said he was going to try the vacuum to help me out a little.

It was a good thing, too. I don't think I could have gotten that baby out without help. Hubs said the doc's face got really red from how hard he was working. And then, the baby was out. I just about passed out. I had to have oxygen for quite some time, and felt like I couldn't talk or breathe for a while.

So, without further adieu, allow me to indroduce to you...
Cavan Taylor, who, incidentally, went more than 24 hours without a name! We did rock, paper, scissors just before we left the hospital! ;)

He was born at 9:53 a.m. on April 21. He was 21 inches long, and weighed...

Are you ready for this?

You should really sit down.


TEN!!! POUNDS!!! (.02 ounces)

That's like one and a half normal babies! Or a three month old!

You could say I'm a little sore and tired today.


Huse Yo Mama said...

Oh my gosh, congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you! He's perfect and you look terrific!

Ten pounds - is that all? :-)

Erin said...

O many congrats!!! He is an adorable not-so-little guy!!!
Hope you two continue to do well...Can't wait for more pics!

Melanie said...

YAY--Congratulations!! I love his name! Dang 10 lbs? That is insane--you go girl!! my dad called me and told me you had had the baby but that you guys didn't have a name yet. Rock-paper-scissors---that's classic--Love it!! take care girly, Mel

Crystal said...

Oh my goodness! I'm SO happy to read that you had him. Wow, 10 pounds! He is absolutely beautiful and you look awesome in the picture. Congratulations!!!

Kelsey said...

He's beeeeautiful! Has Christian's cute little mouth...and from that angle he sort of favors our fil! Can you answer one question for me, please: How do you birth a 10 pound baby and look as good as you do in that picture??? You don't have the sweaty, matted-hair, just-birthed-a-10-pound-baby look at all! You are truly a pro.

Cat@3KidsandUs said...

Congrats! What a healthy and ADORABLE little man he is. And I totally mean that, most newborns are just all wrinkly and weird looking for a few weeks but his little chubby cheeks are just so gosh darn cute.

Best S.I.L. said...

Ok, so I know I held your toddler and got to see you and all, but when I read the blog I just cried!! You guys are beautiful and I can't wait until all six kiddos are running around and we all screw up their names! Congrats and I LOVE the name. By the way, Darcie emailed me and said everytime she tries to post something always goes wrong and for me to tell you and I quote, "I love that she got done with business by 9:53 since her doc had to be somewhere by 10:00! I am thankful that she finally has some relief and that she and bundle are safe and healthy."

Well wishes from all and we'll be in touch this weekend, as there will be company coming...

Oh, by the way, I posted on my Facebook that I was an uncle!! Let me tell you, there are way too few people who watch Friends! Nobody got it!

Anonymous said...

cavan knew from listening to his sister and brother all this time that he had better be big to begin with to have a chance....he is cute. he is going to take grandma's side againt the other two.. i need the help... they out boss me always. but i love it...great ya all mil

MaryAnne said...

Congratulations, what a cute (and big!) baby!

James ~n~ Amber said...

Holy smokes ! I would've died ! That's awesome though. Congratulations and I'm glad that baby is out !!!

Linda said...

Tracye -
He's beautiful! I can't wait to meet him. I'll give yall some time before I come over and poke my nose in, although I heard my husband already got to see him! You go girl!! Post some more pics... when you get time :)
Congrats! Linda

Lorraine aka Aine2 said...

Congratulations Trayce!! You look wonderful by the way. Did you have the hair and make-up artist standing by?? I'm glad everything went well and you now have your beautiful boy in your arms. I hope I get to meet your boys next year! x

MaryAnne said...

I left you an award on my blog - no need to pass it (especially with a brand new baby!!!) on unless you want to but I think your blog is fantastic!

Mzzterry said...

Beautiful Boy.
Lovely Mom.
Best wishes to your entire family.

Anonymous said...

It was hard to tell who he looked like...Courtney ... It was hard to tell who he looked like...Courtney wouldn't let go of him. I couldn't tell if he had more of our family or your Hub's features. Congratulations!! He's so cute...and HUGE!!! He came out wearing a 4T size clothes!! Has he asked for the keys to the car for next Friday night? Poor thing wanted to experience what it's like to be a kid, but you kept him in there til he's 12!!
I hope all is well. I'll be leaving to get maw from the airport here in a few hours. 'See you tonight!!

Kyla said...

Woohoo!! Congratulations and welcome, Cavan!

Tracye said...

Thanks, Rach. Actually, it's 10 pounds, .02 ounces... get that in there!

Erin, thanks! We think so!

Melanie, thanks! Your dad came by to see Gigantor for himself!

Crystal, thanks!

Kelsey, I don't have "that look" because that picture was taken at 10:00 at night! I was able to put on a little make-up! But thanks!

Cat, thanks! He does have a bit of an "alien head," though. I guess because of the vac.

Court, thanks, and tell Darcie for me, too! Like I told the doc when he told me that, I'd like to keep the people familiar with my girly parts as low a number as possible!

MIL, Good luck with that! And thanks!

Thanks, MaryAnne! Also for the award! How cool is that?

Amber, it felt like I did! Thanks, and me too!

Thanks Linda!

Thanks Lorraine! I'm glad he's here safe and sound, too! Hopefully they'll get to meet my mentor!

Thanks MzzTerry!

And Brother!

And Kyla!

Lisa said...

Oh, what wonderful news to come home to! He is PRECIOUS! And TEN POUNDS of PRECIOUS! Did I say "WHAT A WOMAN!"? :-) :-)

And you LOOK GREAT...NOT like a woman needing oxygen that had a tough time pushing out a ten pound baby.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Very happy for you all over there. :-)

Tracye said...

Thanks, Lisa!

We think he's pretty precious!

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Oh, my gosh!!!! Congratulations!!! Sorry I'm last on the well wishes - I'm behind on my blog-reading. He's gorgeous and you look fabulous for having just given birth to a 10 pound baby!!!!! Love the name. How did you come up with it? I'm so excited for you!!!!!

Marla said...

Congratulations! He's beautiful.

Jenn said...

I've been hiding out, so I missed the excitement..CONGRATULATIONS!!! He's postitively lovely and squishy and kissable! You look amazing. I wish I'd looked that good after giving birth!

And most of all welcome to the 10pounds plus club!!! (Miss Bee was 10 even.) They really are like toddlers when the get here and weigh that much!

Courtney said...

I'm so late but congrats!!! He is stunning and big lol!