Monday, April 20, 2009

New Swing Set, Anyone?

(Waving arms frantically!!!) Yesssss! Meeeeee!

Christian and Cullen have a swing set that Hubs put together for them years ago, but after being moved around the yard and being blown around in a hurricane, it could use some rest.

Dad Blogs is giving away an AWESOME new swing set! But if you want in on it, you'd better hurry. It ends tomorrow!

It's the the Three Ring Adventure from Kids Creations, and features:

Trapeze Bar
Tire Swing
Ductile Iron Swing Hangers
Steering Wheel
2x6 Safety Steps
Rope Ladder
Rock Climbing Wall
3 Swings
Disc Rope Swing
10' Heavy Duty Wave Slide
2 Safety Handles
12oz Vinyl Canopy
4 Position Swing Beam
4x6 Deck Supports
4x6 Swing Beam
5' Deck Height
5'x5' Deck

How cool does that sound???

I would love to have this for my kids because of all the safety features that come with it. Plus, there's just so many different things to do!

Wish me luck!