Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So I Have a Little Story...

It actually started at the doctor's office, on Monday, which I wrote about here. The doctor said my cervix was nowhere near ready to go into labor. Actually, he said I wasn't dilating or effacing at all, and it was very posterior. On top of that, the baby had not dropped.

I believe I mentioned how disappointed I was.

So I went home and wrote a snotty blog post, and then cleaned out my dresser drawers for the first time in, oh, ever.
And then went to bed, resigned to the fact that I'd be pregnant for another LOOOOOOONG week.

I woke up several times throughout the night (as usual for the last couple months) to go to the bathroom. At exactly 3:15 I looked at the clock, and my water broke.

MY WATER BROKE!!! The water, of which my unripe, un-ready-for-labor cervix, was holding back! It BROKE, PEOPLE!!!

So I made the mad dash to the toilet for the second time in my life, as the font gushed forth. Well, as mad a dash as I possibly could have made with a fully-formed human in my midsection.

Once it stopped, I hurriedly got dressed, and began packing. Yes, I know that should have been done already, but I was under the impression that I wouldn't be making my way to the hospital for another week! I put stock in that prediction, and didn't pack a bag! So I was running walking fast around the bedroom and bathroom, trying to think of anything I might need, and trying to figure out where it was located. Then we jumped in the car and took off to the hospital. My contractions were VERY strong and coming every 2-3 minutes.

We got there and I was surprised that I was only dilated to a three. They got the epidural in, and the contractions stopped. So they started pitocin. Unfortunately, the baby wasn't tolerating those contractions very well. His heartrate kept dropping. It was pretty scary there for a while, because I could hear his little heart beating away, and then suddenly it would either slow way down, or stop completely. So they made me lie down on my side and be still, hoping it would help him keep his heart under control. It did, and it was about that time that I started feeling a lot of pressure, which, historically for me, means the baby's coming NOW!

I was dilated 9.5 cm. Almost time. It was 9:30 am at this point, and my OB came in and said he HAD to leave at 10. He said most things in his life are cancellable or re-schedulable, but this one thing he could not miss. He had another doctor on call in case he had to leave before I delivered. So he told the nurse to wait a few minutes and check me again. She did. It was go-time.

I started pushing (or what I thought was pushing, since I had a VERY good epidural and couldn't feel anything) and pushing and pushing and pushing. And pushing.



I was feeling faint and weak and dizzy, so they put oxygen on me. Finally, the doctor said he was going to try the vacuum to help me out a little.

It was a good thing, too. I don't think I could have gotten that baby out without help. Hubs said the doc's face got really red from how hard he was working. And then, the baby was out. I just about passed out. I had to have oxygen for quite some time, and felt like I couldn't talk or breathe for a while.

So, without further adieu, allow me to indroduce to you...
Cavan Taylor, who, incidentally, went more than 24 hours without a name! We did rock, paper, scissors just before we left the hospital! ;)

He was born at 9:53 a.m. on April 21. He was 21 inches long, and weighed...

Are you ready for this?

You should really sit down.


TEN!!! POUNDS!!! (.02 ounces)

That's like one and a half normal babies! Or a three month old!

You could say I'm a little sore and tired today.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Does anyone remember the scene from The Princess Bride, when Princess Buttercup is having a bad dream, and Ye Olde Booer yells:


No? Well, begin watching this at the 5:24 mark to get the full effect. Or you can watch the whole thing to test your Princess Bride skillz. I just love that movie, but I digress.

That was pretty much my feeling after my visit to the OB today. I'm due on Thursday, that's just three days from now, and yet there's still NOTHING going on in the baby-vacating-the-premises-department. I saw him last Thursday, and he wanted to see me again today. He actually looked disappointed himself, and maybe a little sad. He said he was really surprised at the lack of progress that's going on.

I woke up at 5:30 Saturday morning, and laid in bed awake for two hours with LOTS of pressure and discomfort. I just KNEW I'd be waking up Hubs any minute to tell him my water had broken and we needed to get the heck out of Dodge... and fast, since we live outside of town. Eventually I fell asleep again, and woke up to the feeling gone. I was so sure it would be the day. The funny thing is, Hubs said he had that same feeling, minus the pressure and discomfort. The big jerk was sleeping pretty soundly from what I could tell. Same thing on Sunday. So when I went to the doc today, I just knew he was going to freak out that I had a baby staring back at him, and rush me over to the hospital to deliver.

But nooooooooooo. THIS baby isn't ready to come out yet. And not for some time, apparently. Hubs walked me to the car, and I bit his head off about something (does it really matter what?) and he said, "Hey! Don't turn this into a gripe-fest at me! I'm just as anxious as you are to get this baby out!"


(More crickets.)

(They're getting louder.)

Then he amended it by saying, "Okay. Maybe I'm not quite as anxious as you are. But I really do want you to have him soon!"

So forgive my grumpy moodiness, if you will.

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo over housing a toddler in my abdomen.

Please, everyone, send OPEN thoughts my way. My cervix thanks you.

P.S. To the men that read this blog man that reads this blog my brother: I'm sorry I typed the word cervix.

New Swing Set, Anyone?

(Waving arms frantically!!!) Yesssss! Meeeeee!

Christian and Cullen have a swing set that Hubs put together for them years ago, but after being moved around the yard and being blown around in a hurricane, it could use some rest.

Dad Blogs is giving away an AWESOME new swing set! But if you want in on it, you'd better hurry. It ends tomorrow!

It's the the Three Ring Adventure from Kids Creations, and features:

Trapeze Bar
Tire Swing
Ductile Iron Swing Hangers
Steering Wheel
2x6 Safety Steps
Rope Ladder
Rock Climbing Wall
3 Swings
Disc Rope Swing
10' Heavy Duty Wave Slide
2 Safety Handles
12oz Vinyl Canopy
4 Position Swing Beam
4x6 Deck Supports
4x6 Swing Beam
5' Deck Height
5'x5' Deck

How cool does that sound???

I would love to have this for my kids because of all the safety features that come with it. Plus, there's just so many different things to do!

Wish me luck!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Please Pray

I found out last night that the mother of one of my former students died in a car wreck yesterday afternoon.

Her daughter is a senior this year, and is one of the brightest, sweetest, most talented and charismatic young ladies I've had the pleasure of teaching.

Her mother was probably the strongest, most devoted and caring moms I've ever met. She was a true woman of God, and expected nothing less than the best from her children. I know she's in Heaven, and I keep reminding myself of that, but it doesn't lessen the pain for the daughter and husband and son who's still here.

I didn't sleep much last night. I kept up a rambling prayer for my student that wouldn't have made sense to anyone but God. I'm thankful that even when we don't know the words to pray, the Bible says in Romans 8:26 "In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express." She has a tender heart and I know this will make the end of her senior year more difficult than anyone could have imagined.

Please, please pray for this family.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Some Random Randomness

Anybody notice the little widget just under the picture of the fondant baby? The one with the creepy naked baby that is now full-grown? Notice that last week it said, "I'm fully grown," and now there's only six days to go? Is anybody (besides me) at all freaked out by the fact that there's a "full-grown" human living in my uterus? No? Just me?

And six days?

My doctor's visit yesterday was less than thrilling. Apparently, there's still NOTHING going on. This baby is quite content to stay in, from what the doctor says. I, however, am over providing comfy, warm living quarters, and am quite ready for him to vacate the premises. Unfortunately, it's not up to me.
The only problem is that for whatever reason, Hubs and I make gigantor babies, so the longer he stays in, the bigger he gets. Yay me! It's always pleasant to deliver a toddler, right?

On another note, I do believe I forgot to mention that several weeks ago (actually, the weekend before Christian's birthday, which was almost a month ago) we took the kids to the rodeo in a small town nearby. It was kids' day, which means that with every over-priced adult ticket purchased, a child got in free and also received a ticket for a chance to win a bike.

Christian loved it so much, she didn't even sit with us. She sat right next to all the action, which freaked me out at times.

Cullen did NOT like the loud music at first. When we got there, he saw all the horse trailers and horses and was super excited. But once we started walking to our seats, it was all over but the cryin'. Literally. He wailed and wailed, until I pointed out the cowboys and their horsies, and the cows. Then he got all excited.

But it didn't last. Cullen has not mastered the art of sitting yet, and so sitting on a bench surrounded by people who don't want to be kicked, leaned against, or have coke spilled on them, doesn't really appeal to him all that much. So he started throwing a fit. It was (in his defense) past his naptime, and intermission was just starting, so we decided to head out.
For the record, the above picture is the same cowboy, on the same horse, that is flying past my sweet six-year old daughter as the pick-up cowboys are trying to get him off the bucking horse before he gets killed. He's just about two feet away from her at one point. I was loving that, let me tell you.

So anyway, we were leaving and were just about to the sidewalk, when Hubs heard them drawing the ticket for the bike. And guess who won???

That's right. Just in time for her birthday. A new bike. She was all excited about it until we got home. For some reason, it took her that long to realize that a) it doesn't have training wheels (gasp!) and b) it's a boy's bike. Then she got all annoying and girly and emotional and sad, because she wanted the bike and was excited to have won it, but wasn't all that crazy about riding a green boy's dirt bike. Without training wheels. Because Hubs and I are all about making her do things she doesn't know how to do and isn't ready for, and we just loooooove scaring the fire out of her. So she wanted the bike, and yet she didn't. She's an enigma, that one. Or, you know, a girl.
We ended up taking the bike to the Wal-Marts, and exchanging it for... are you ready for this???
She's on board with it now.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Update on Cullen

He's still sick.

Today officially marks one week of daily vomiting and diarrhea. Multiple bouts daily, actually.

Hubs and Christian each had it for a day, but got over it very quickly. I never got it, just keep feeling queasy.

Cullen has been keeping his breakfast down, and sometimes lunch, but then throws everything up just before dinner. Then he's starving and wants to eat everything he sees or can think of.

We've been feeding him rice, applesauce and dry toast or crackers, and lots of pedialyte.

Today he is SUPER grouchy and whiney. Every "no" sends him into a fit.

Any takers?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

In Which I'm Not So Bitchy Grumpy

My house is clean!!!

Let me say that again:


It hasn't been this clean since the builder pulled his people out and we started moving boxes in.

The floors, bathrooms and kitchen have been filthy, but I just haven't been able to clean them. Not only is it awkward and hard on me, but I just don't have the energy. So I looked in the yellow pages for housecleaning services and started calling places. They seemed a tad overpriced to me, and by "a tad," I mean, "Hell-o! I intend to send my kids to college, thankyouverymuch!"

I had my hair trimmed and touched up Thursday night, and asked around the salon if anyone knew of a good cleaning service. Turns out, my former boss has a lady that he's really happy with, and he recommended her to the parent of a former student, and she is also really happy with her. So I called him and asked for her number. He said she does a really great job, so I called her on Friday.

She doesn't speak English, so her daughter translated over the phone, and asked if they could come look at my house. They came maybe 30 minutes later, and checked the place out. I heard the word "dirty" whispered a few times. But they were right... it was. I just had to laugh. Cleaning a bathtub or shower stall hasn't been exactly on my list of priorities lately. Or, like, EVER. I told her all I needed was for the carpets to be vacuumed, the tile floors swept and mopped, and the bathrooms cleaned.

So she said she'd be here today at 10:00.

She left at 2:30, after moving almost every piece of furniture in the house, SCRUBBING the shower stall (it's clean, for the first time since the grout dried!), cleaning every square inch of both bathrooms, polishing the wood cabinets, cleaning the dust off every surface, fluffing the pillows, making the beds, cleaning the ceiling fans, moving every knickknack I own to clean them and under them, dusting the pictures and crosses on the walls, and cleaning the mirrors. Lord only knows what else they cleaned.

I'm giddy.

I think I'll go take a nap.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Not Again!

Monday I was going to meet a friend and her daughter for lunch at Mickey D's, so the kids could play and we could (hopefully!) talk... Notice I said was.

First of all, I had to wake Cullen up at 11:20. Not from a nap; that was after being in bed all night. His room smelled funny, but I thought Hubs had left a dirty diaper in there. There was a dirty diaper all right-- on Cullen's bottom. So I changed his diaper, got him dressed, and took him into the bathroom to brush his hair and teeth. And I smelled him again.

So we went back to his room, where I changed the second gloopy poopy diaper in 15 minutes. He didn't have fever, and didn't seem to be feeling bad, so we went to lunch. I didn't want to give him breakfast, since we would be eating lunch within minutes, so I just gave him a sippy cup of milk on the way.

We got there and tickled and played while we waited for my friend to arrive. Several people told him how cute he was. He started asking for french fries and a drink. We ordered, got our food, and went into the kids' area. He wouldn't eat, but just kept drinking his Sprite, which isn't too unusual, except for the fact that he hadn't eaten anything since he woke up. I thought he'd be starving.

He was walking around and playing on the slides, when, again, I smelled something. Yep. It was Cullen. I grabbed the diapers and wipes, and waited with him outside the restroom, when suddenly he starts saying, "No, Momma! No!" and looking panicked. I knew it was coming, but there was absolutely nothing around with which to catch it. He puked. An entire sippy cup full of milk. All over the floor. All over himself. All over his new shoes. And then stood there crying.

I went into the bathroom to clean him up (two messes, by this time) while my friend packed up our lunch for us. Then we headed home, a miserable, stinking, crying mess. And Cullen wasn't doing too well, either. ;)

That day, I think he threw up four or five times. I have no idea how many squishy diapers I changed. I bathed him three times, and had to wash his ganket about that often, too. When I went to put him down for a nap, I noticed his room still smelled funny. There was dried puke all over his bed. Poor baby. He must have gotten sick in the night. So I changed his sheets, washed another load of laundry that included multiple stuffed animals, and put him to bed.

Tuesday was pretty much a carbon-copy of Monday, with the exception of McDonald's, and the addition of Christian. She woke up complaining of a bad stomachache, so I kept her home. She was off-the-wall most of the day. Again, I ended up bathing Cullen three times, washing his ganket way too often, and put them both in bed early. Hubs worked late.

Today, I woke him up at 10:45. He was super cranky. And for being asleep for over 14 hours, his diaper wasn't nearly as wet as it should have been. Immediately he started crying for his milk and waffle, which he eats every. single. morning. Unfortunately, the toaster broke when Hubs tried to toast his bread this morning, so Cullen got a microwaved waffle. I really didn't want to give him anything, but he was adamant that he wanted milk and not the dreaded Pedialyte I've been trying to force-feed him. So I caved, and gave him the milk. Which he drank down immediately. And then threw up. And then began crying and asking for more milk. Ugh. I gave him a half-cup, and a mini donut, which he was begging for, and he actually kept it down.

But he was so lethargic and sleepy, and kept coming to me for snuggling and holding (which he never does! I'm not complaining, though!) so I put him down for a nap.

I called the doctor, and they said I could bring him in right then, so I got him out of bed, and took him. In his jammies. Mother of the Year, I'm saying.

I'm so proud of him; it's the first visit that he charmed the doctor and nurses. Usually he's screaming and crying so loud I can't hear half of what they're telling me. Today, he was thanking the nurse for taking his temperature, and every time the doctor moved the stethoscope around his chest, he'd thank him, too! He even gave the doctor high-fives.

Turns out, Cullen has a very contagious virus, and was about the seventh patient the doctor saw today with these symptoms. I'm to give him phenergan, and pedialyte as much as possible. He said it may take a week for him to get over it. Yippee. I can't tell you how much I love crawling around the floor, cleaning up vomit, at 38 weeks pregnant. Not to mention, the changing of the sheets and the washing of the laundry and the bathing of the toddler and the changing of the diapers. So. Much. Fun.

Tonight he woke up from his nap crying. He was inconsolable for a while, but gradually calmed down. Now all he wants are popsicles. And since we have a freezer full of pedialyte pops, and two more boxes in the pantry, I'm okay with that.

My stomach has been quite queasy the last two days. All I have to say is I better not get this crud. The last thing I need is to go into labor while kneeling over the toilet. Or while cleaning up puke.

You know all those popsicles he wanted? The pedialyte ones? He puked them up after his bath. After his bath. And after he got clean jammies for the night. Luckily, Hubs was the one he puked (and pooed) on this time. I just had to change the changing table cover.

Small victories, people. It's all about the small victories.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Totally Talented Tuesday-- Another Bathtub Cake

The Christian school I used to teach at (and, incidentally, graduated from) had its second-annual spring fundraiser Sunday night. Since last year's cake went over so well, they asked me if I would make another cake for the cake auction. I'm VERY huge, tired, and cranky, so it had to be something relatively easy. I chose the bathtub cake. This is the third time I've made it, and I think this one was my favorite. I put some sparkles on the bubbles this time. You can see them a little bit in the close-up of the kid.

They had several quite beautiful cakes in the auction... one made by two of my former students in the shape of a guitar. Those girls ROCKED that cake! I just wish I had taken my camera to show you what two young girls can accomplish (first timers, too!) when they set their minds to it.
My pastor made a cake, too. I heard that he made one last year, and it was a little sad-looking. This year's cake looked DEE-LISH-US! It was "triple chocolate," and had chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, and piled on the top were blackberries and chocolate-dipped strawberries. Pastor got his cake on this year! Since it went for around $500, Hubs said I was out of luck. But dadgum I wanted that cake!!! I'm still dreaming about it at night. Yum. (Side note to Hubs: you may want to ask if that cake can be re-created for the birth of your third child.) Lord, I've got to get my mind off it.

The last cake up for auction was made by a "mystery chef," and also looked quite yummy. I didn't hear what kind of cake it was, but it looked like it had some kind of cream cheese frosting with nuts on top. Turns out, my pastor's wife (who happens to be Joel Osteen's sister), sneaked out of the house and used a friend's kitchen to make it! Her cake went for over $2,000!!! Seems the crowd trusts her baking a little more than his, eh? ;)

We had a really awesome time. I wanted to go last year, but Hubs was at the FBI National Academy halfway across the country, and Cullen was sick. I was just lucky to get last year's cake finished!

To see more talented people, go to Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House.
Sorry! Forgot to say my cake went for $650. Up by $100 (if I'm remembering correctly) from last year.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Children's Book Review

Ever heard of Leslie Patricelli?

She's the author of several children's books, and we got to review two of them: Higher! Higher! and Baby Happy Baby Sad.

These books are brightly illustrated, and easy for small children to read. The words are simple, yet hold kids' attention.

Most of her books star a diaper-wearing baby, and teach contrasts: in this case, what makes a baby happy, and what makes a baby sad.

In Higher! Higher! there's no limit to the imagination when you put together a little girl, a swing and her dad pushing her.

Christian immediately read the books to Cullen, who sat there through the whole thing, which doesn't happen all that often. That's part of the appeal of Patricelli's books: there aren't that many words on each page, so small kids who turn the page before you finish reading can hear an entire book.

We were already familiar with Leslie Patricelli's books, having been introduced to Yummy Yucky by my nephew Colton years ago. It has since been a favorite in our house.

Other books by Leslie Patricelli include:
  • Big Little
  • Binky
  • Blankie
  • No No Yes Yes
  • Quiet Loud
  • Yummy Yucky (one of our faves!)
  • Yes! Yes! A Box of Board Books
  • The Birthday Box

The books are available through

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm Going to Be an Aunt!!! Or an Uncle!!!

So tired.

So very, very tired.

Today we went to my in-laws' house to celebrate my brother and sister-in-law EXPECTING THEIR FIRST BABY!!! Yay for Rick and Kelsey!!! So yes, I'm going to be an aunt! Or an uncle! You know, depending on whether it's a boy or a girl. ;)

We discussed baby names, since ours is STILL nameless, and talked about potential names for their baby. Nothing's concrete, obviously, since they just found out. Should be here late November to mid December.

I'm so excited, especially since I won't be pregnant when s/he gets here, so I'll get to make cute baby stuff for them. I love doing that.

After lunch, we came home so Cullen and I could take a nap. When we woke up, we headed back out to the country to a party at the home of one of Hub's mentors. They were celebrating one person's retirement, one officer getting a job with the ATF, and Hub's graduation from the FBI National Academy.

Hubs volunteered to bring beans, so we cooked FOUR POUNDS! I am happy to report that of the three pots of beans at the party, ours was the ONLY pot whose bottom was visible! Apparently they were a hit. We brought home maybe enough beans for one serving. I have to admit, they were pretty good.

So today has been a busy day.

Tonight I'm finishing up a cake for my former school's annual fundraiser. It's tomorrow afternoon. Last year, my cake went for $500 at auction! I hope the cake I'm working on now brings in a good amount, too. It's another bathtub. My third one. It's really all I can manage. I'm just so tired, and so BIG, that I can't do anything elaborate or time-consuming. So, like I said, I hope they like it.

Wish me luck!

So tired.

So very, very tired.

P.S. I went to the OB again yesterday. Lies. All lies.

P.P.S. Okay. Maybe he didn't lie. Maybe I'm really not dilating at all.

P.P.P.S. But I better be soon.