Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Additions to the World of Bella Sara

My kids love horses, but Christian also just loves playing online. She's into Webkinz and Pixie Hollow and PBSKids and who knows what else?

That said, there's just something about the Bella Sara site that keeps bringing her back. She loves to log on and "feed" and "groom" and "play" with her horses. She loves looking at their individual stables and seeing what's new...

And there's lots new at Bella Sara right now. They are introducing the Bella Sara Miniatures Series and the Bella Sara Treasures.

The Miniatures Series is a brand-new line of tiny horses from the land of North of North. They're for collecting, trading, displaying and playing. Each pack comes with one velvety-soft miniature horse figurine, a bonus code that will reveal an animated horse statue for your cottage, and a full-color checklist.

Christian just loves these little horses. Partly because they're small (little=cute to a little girl!) and partly because they're really beautiful. She uses them as babies for her other horses, and carries them around with her in her purse. Their small size makes them perfect to take with her and keep her occupied whenever we have to run into town. She can even use them as board game pieces to games she already has!

Treasures is the eighth series in the line, which has sold over 55 million cards. They now have printable activities like coloring pages, wallpapers, puzzles and even a poster. It also features rare jewels, natural wonders, historical artifacts and magical items to explore. Each Treasures pack comes with five collectible cards, a card checklist, a mini-game, and Bella Sara tattoos and stickers.
Christian really loves to go online and print the pages and puzzles... and what girl doesn't love the stickers and tattoos? She's "saving" the tattoos for a special occasion, but the stickers were immediately applied to her special sticker book.

Bella Sara is having a special online contest that runs from February 27th through April 30. Kids will have the chance to win an exciting treasure hunt party for them and their friends!
The Miniatures Series Collection hit stores on March 3, and is about $1.99 per pack. The Treasures card pack retails for about $2.99 per pack. They're available at most bookstores, toy stores, discount stores, and hobby and equestrian shops.
There's so much to see and do at Bella Sara. Sometimes, once I kick Christian off the computer, I'll feed or brush one or three of her horses. Let me just say that it appeals to kids of all ages!

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Best S.I.L. said...

Are these hints as to what to get Christian for her birthday? By the way, when and what are we doing? Museum, or other destination? Let me know what she wants or needs! Love you!