Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Christian's class party was Thursday, so I made her this shirt and matching hair bow to wear:

I thought she looked adorable! And no, the "K" and "M" didn't stand out like that... they actually weren't even there. I changed her initials for this picture. I'm getting tired of weirdos contacting me, and so am taking little steps to keep our names and location relatively secret. If you're reading this and have contacted me, of course I'm not talking about you! It's other people. Really.

Here's a (very small) cake I made for Christian's teacher. It was a white almond sour cream cake with a strawberry swirl, and strawberry buttercream. It's a recipe a friend gave me, and it's FREAKING DELICIOUS! I will be making more very soon.

The design came from Bakerella, and if you haven't visited her site before, go there now! But come back here when you're done. The entire thing is edible, including the lid and bow. I just hope her teacher wasn't too disappointed to find out the "chocolates" weren't really chocolates. They were cake, too. And they were even more delicious than the plain cake, because they were covered in CHOCOLATE! I promise you, they taste EXACTLY like chocolate dipped strawberries. I was really surprised when I tasted them, to find out how realistic and delicious the flavor was.

I had hoped to get better pictures, but the batteries in my camera died as soon as I got these shots. I dug through Cullen's toys, and removed all the batteries, but they were all dead, too.

For her class valentines, we melted about twenty boxes of crayons (removing the paper wrapper was soooooooo hard and tedious!) in heart-shaped molds. Each kid got a fat, rainbow heart crayon, with a card I made on the computer that said, "Valentine, You Color My World!" in rainbow letters. It turned out pretty cute. We packaged them all in clear bags and tied them with pink and red ribbon.

For her teachers, I made old-fashioned popcorn box silhouettes on the computer. We cut them out and attached a package of microwave popcorn on the back, so the popcorn was just visible over the top of the box. They said, "To a POP!- POP!- POP!- ular Teacher!"

I also made my first batch of petit-fours for her party. They were heart-shaped, too. I made 12 white with pink glitter sprinkles and 12 pink with white glitter sprinkles. They were made of the same white-almond sour cream and strawberry swirl cake. They were a super pain to make, but turned out pretty cute. Sure wish I'd thought to get a picture. I know you don't want to see the ravaged tray with icing drippings and stray sprinkles.

In other news, I am a millionaire! I have won so many foreign lotteries, and have inherited so much money lately, I just can't dream up enough ways to spend it all. All they ask in return is my name, address, occupation, date of birth, and, lest I forget, my bank's routing and checking account numbers. Easy street, baby!


I missed you soooooo much and am glad you're home! I'm also especially glad I didn't set your kids on the curb with "MAKE AN OFFER" signs around their necks. They're awfully cute, even if they are pains in the rear.

I love you. You are sweet, kind, generous, caring, responsible, intelligent, dependable, funny, and oh-so-unbelievably good-looking. You're an awesome husband and even better father. I love that you wake Christian up every morning and carry her, sleeping bag and all, into the living room so she can wake up slowly. I love that you know how much I hate packing lunches, so you pack her lunch (and get her breakfast) every morning for me. I love that you bathe the kids 20 times more than I do, and never ever complain. I love that you chase them through the house and roughhouse with them and tickle them and make them laugh until they cry. And then kiss them till they squirm away. I love that you love taking them places with you. I love that you wake up early on Saturdays and go get doughnuts, and always, always, always get EXACTLY what I want. And then complain to me about it when they're out of my favorites, like it mattered to you. I love that when you wake up early on the weekends, you do everything you can to let me sleep longer. I love that you work so hard, so we can have so many nice things. I love how excited you get about our babies. I love that you talk and read to them long before they ever see you. I love that you cry when you hear about sick kids, even when you don't know them. I love how strong you are. I'll never forget seeing you hold Cullen in the hospital when he was so sick, and not being ashamed to cry while my bosses prayed over him. I love that you have such strong morals, and love Jesus, and long to know Him more.

When I met you, I knew you were special. I just had no idea how much. I'm so thankful that I get to spend the rest of my life finding new things to love about you.

Happy Valentine's Day.

And if you die before I do, I swear I'll kill you.


Erin said...

Great stuff, as always!
Want to go shoppping? I too have one so many foreign lotteries lately. What is up with that?!?! Oh well, we can jut imaginary shop all that "money" away!!

Huse Yo Mama said...

First of all, I already have your email address, so you're SO not getting rid of me! Good try, though.

Secondly, the other students' parents pretty much hate you right now. I'm just saying.

Thirdly, you must must MUST come live by me so you can teach me how to make cakes. Or, really, so you can just makes cakes for me all the time! Although, I suppose if you're trying to get rid of me, you probably wouldn't move by me, huh?

Tracye said...

Erin, I'd LOVE to go shopping! Unfortunately, I haven't cashed in on any of those lotteries yet. I'm assuming you haven't, either! I have NO IDEA what is up with that!

Huse, you caught me. It's you. Darn the luck, though, you know how to get ahold of me! ;)

I'd LOVE to come live up there! You actually get seasons now. You're making me so jealous with all the pics you've been posting lately. Well, except for the cottage cheese-butt one. J.D. is a real sweetheart, huh?

Melanie said...

What crazies have been contacting you?

Dang--you went all our for the V-day surprises, etc. you go girl!

PS: Don't forget I introduced you to that hunk of a man you call your HUBS! heehee. Go Tejas Cafe!!

Tracye said...

Melanie, I will be forever in debt to you!

Did you know that the night he came in, I sat him in someone else's section, just so you wouldn't go over there and flirt with him? And then I look up and you're over there anyway! I was glad when you told me he was like a brother to you!

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

That cake is AWESOME! Wow!

Best S.I.L. said...

WOW!! What a tribute to the hubs! Do me next!

Jenn said...

That cake is awesome and C's adorable! Cute shirt!

Sorry the goon squad is tracking you down. How rude!

Hope to be back to my blog soon. Tons I want to post about, but can't just yet.

Happy Valentines Day!!

Sarah said...

That cake is AMAZING!

Stacy said...

I love your blog! I have thumb suckers also (2 out of 3 kids). I just "found" you via Bakerella's blog, when you left your blog address on her contest. I make (try to make)petit-fours and they turn out so-so, but they are so hard to ice. Were they hard for you to make? I need help because I have to make 120 of them in 3 weeks and I am freaking out already. Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
mcginnis135 at bellsouth dot net