Sunday, February 1, 2009

Guess What???

It's Superbowl Sunday!!!


You don't care???

Me, neither. Actually, I hate football. And I'm really super blessed, because Hubs doesn't like it, either.

So I just figured out how to download videos from my new (two months old!) video camera, so be expecting quite a few videos coming your way soon.

And I just realized that I'd never posted pictures from my nephews' birthday party, either, so I'll start there.

They had it at an indoor bouncy playground, so I made a cake that looks like a giant inflatable slide.

And put a "C" on each side, for Colton and Cayden.

Once we got there, I added the sugar boys I made to look like them... right down to the matching shirts I made for them. The boys are supposed to look like they've just slid down the slide, but I think they look more like they're levitating.
Christian did her best to get away from the camera, the little stinker.
My beautiful niece, Caylee, looking not-so-happy. Is it because she somehow knew I was about to flip her over the side of that bouncy thing?
Here's Caylee and little brother Cayden playing around in the big-bouncy-jousty-ring-thingy. There are two columns, and one kid stands on each column, and tries to knock the other off their column by hitting them with really long inflatable logs. It's pretty entertaining. They usually miss, but still fall off anyway.
Cayden's just having fun jumping around. Cayden's mommy and daddy were really happy he had so much fun. Made for a nice, quiet ride home.
See that little blur on the right? That's Caylee, sliding sideways down the giant slide. That thing is HUGE!

Here's Hubs and Cullen. Cullen was really grumpy that day. In other words, himself. He REE-HEE-HEELY hates this place. I'm not sure why. Could be the loud music. Could be the tons of screaming kids running amok. Could be the fact that his daddy persists in climbing the HUGE slide with a screaming/crying little boy and sliding down with him. Multiple times. But they sure look cute, don't they?
And here are those sweet birthday boys, showing off the cake and t-shirts their favorite Aunt Tracye made for them. See, I'm their favorite Aunt Tracye because I'm their ONLY Aunt Tracye. Funny how that works out, no?

This is what the little circles on their shirts looked like up close:
It was such a fun party. We got home, and ALL OF US crashed. I can't believe how worn-out we were!
I can only imagine how the kids felt!


Mzzterry said...

The cake is amazing, the tee shirts are fantastic! Way to go Auntie! Looks like a fun day!

Melanie said...

That is so weird that Cullen hates the bouncy castle place. Great pic of him and Hubs though. :) Yeh, the kids on the cake look like they are stuck on the velcro wall! heehee--it's still super cute though and WAY better than anything I can make. haha. I burn jello. :)--haha,OK, I'm not that bad--but pretty close.

Best S.I.L. said...

WHAT AN AMAZING PERSON YOU ARE!!!! Kuddos on all the awesome creations. Yo do know what that means now though? You have to do that for EEEEVVVVEEERRRRYYYY birthday!! Yeah!! Pressure is soooo off of me! I love you!