Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good-bye, Old Hag

I think we can safely assume from here on out that any crappy pictures would be due to operator error.

So, to recap, Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine's Day to me (although he got me some really sassy flip-flops when he wasn't supposed to get me anything for V-Day),

And Happy Anniversary to Hubs.

I made out like a freaking bandit!

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Melanie said...

YAY--what kind of camera did you get? How much was it? I see that it's a Canon....i want a new camera as well. I want one of the more expensive ones but than you compromise the small size so it's not as easy to tote it around but they take Rad pics. HMM--what do to. I currently have the Canon A610 which has been very nice--i love Canon's but hope to upgrade this year. :) Have fun with it. I saw one at Costco for $1000--ooh, it was nice!!