Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cowboys Don't Cry

No. Wait. They do.


Especially when their horse was just heartlessly ripped out from under them.

You see, there's a local church-based organization that hosts an outdoor family day each January. They have rock-climbing, kayaking, fishing, horseback riding, shooting, archery, obstacle courses (some made out of inflatables) and lots of food and exhibits. It's all free, and we go every year. It's lots of fun.

Christian wanted to ride the horses (she rode each one last year) so we waited in the oh-so-long line, relishing the moment when we'd place Cullen, for the very first time, on a horse. We knew he'd FREAK. OUT.


Apparently, we were wrong.


Make that VERY wrong. Here's Hubs and Cullen moments before the crying jag started.

Christian was the epitome of "cowgirl." She just loves riding the horses.

She's pretty good at it, too.

Cullen loved it so much, we waited in line for another ride.

Just look at that baby cowboy!

And, once again, proof that cowboys cry. Especially when the world is against them and cruelly makes them let other kids ride THEIR horsies.

The world is an awful, lonely place for forlorn little cowboys without their horsies.

Christian and I visited the petting zoo while Hubs and Cullen waited in line for the second ride.

Look at the sweet baby goat.
Poor baby goat.

Aaaaaaaaaand, it breaks free.

We went back to the horse line, where Hubs and Cullen were almost to the front, so the kids could ride again. This horse is waaaaaaay too small for Christian, but she really wanted to ride the baby pony.

And Cullen, happy once again, on HIS horsie.

Christian also decided to try to climb the rock wall. TRY, being the operative word.
She got about four feet off the ground, and let go. She said she got scared. I think she's got a real daredevil streak we're going to have to nip in the bud.

My handsome cowboys, patiently waiting for Christian to get off the wall.
It didn't take long.


Anonymous said...

i think it is wonderful that the kids got to ride the horses. they need one of their own. isn't why you got the land???? what are grandmo's for but to help you cowboy and cowgirl are great kids..

Anonymous said...

Hey...thanks for the heads up on the convention!?!? I saw Pastor Nathan in HEB that evening who told me he'd seen you there. I never see any advertisement for that, I think Colton & Cayden would LOVE it! It wouldn't have mattered if you'd called that day, everyone is playing tag with the flu. Courtney's getting over it, & Colton's at home with me right now.
I think Grandmo's right.... Cullen needs a big paint mare of his own! You've got the land for it!

love you,

Haasiegirl said...

yeah, charlottes like that too. She LOVES horses. Your pictures are precious.


Anonymous said...

i was thinking on the horse deal. how about just getting them riding lessons for now. we can go ride. find out where there is horseback riding for rent.....more videos PLEASE...SO CUTE... I PLAY IT ALL DAY LONG. JOHN, I HOPE YOUR FAMILY GETS WELL SOON. GRANDMO