Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Day, Another Sick Baby

I am so sick of sick children. Not that I don't love them bunches and bunches, but enough already!
Christian had a 103 fever from Saturday through Monday. Her head hurt; her body hurt; her throat hurt. I took her to the doctor who told me she had a throat infection. She got antibiotics, and went back to school on Wednesday.

Which is when Cullen came down with a 103 fever. And grumpiness. EXTREME grumpiness. I put him to bed an hour early last night (Hubs was gone AGAIN) and he didn't protest a bit. He did cry out a couple times in the night, and woke up coughing. With a fever. When he wouldn't eat or drink, and would randomly cry for no apparent reason, I guessed his throat was sore, too. I took him in this morning, and he's got what Christian had, only worse.

I gave him his antibiotic and cough medicine, and he immediately threw up. Poor baby. I really feel for him. I put him on the couch with his ganket to watch Caillou, and he fell asleep. I turned the TV off once the show was over, and realized he was giving me the perfect opportunity to play with my new camera!

Only he didn't want me to play with my new camera.

But I'm bigger, so I won. Is this not the most pitiful face ever? He looks like I kicked his puppy.

Hubs was out of town all last week and worked late the last two nights. Last night he got home after midnight. Tonight will be another late night, but not THAT late! Which I'm oh-so-thankful for, since I have contracted the dreaded sore throat.
The kids have been tag-teaming us lately. One or the other has been sick every single weekend for the last month. Like I said, I feel for them, but enough already! The sickness is no longer welcome here.
Not that it ever was.
Here's hoping your home is germ-free.


Erin said...

We are not so lucky here. N has been sick for the past few days. But, luckily, he has been pretty happy. I just feel so bad for him.
Hope everyone feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

my babies are getting well i hope. i hope you are doing better too. if you need me friday or the weekend i will be there. all you have to do is call. see you all soon love mil

Together We Save said...

I am so lucky none of mine are sick. Flu and strep both going around our schools so bad they rumor closing for sickness. I hope your kidos get better soon.

Best S.I.L. said...

Hope all gets better really soon! Dorry y'all are down in the dumps. On a more positive note... Stefenia called with news on Cameron. The doctor said that the MRI was not good enough for him, so he wants to do a walking EEG. They will be spending Spring Break at Cook's in Dallas so that they can test him over the course of a few days. The good news is that the doctor is 90% sure that he only has a cyst that can be treated with meds. The bad news is that her ex will be there (good for Cameron) with his new girlfriend (bad for Cameron). Anyway, please keep the prayers coming. Thanks to all of you.

Melanie said...

Poor Cullen, and everyone else that is sick too. :( The ganket cracks me up. :) When is your due date again? Dang--you will be busy with 3 little ones. :)

Lisa said...

Well, poor little baby made precious photos! Those photos are so sweet. Congrats on the new camera and best wishes on getting everyone in your family well again!!! Terrible time of year...stuff's goin' around.

(Thanks for the kind words on my blog.)