Friday, February 27, 2009

Cake Show This Weekend... Wish Me Luck!

The Capital Confectioners 5th Annual That Takes The Cake Sugar Art Show and Cake Competition starts tomorrow!

I've been working like crazy, and I have two pieces to enter.

This is a recreation of Cullen's second birthday cake, only smaller.

I'll post pictures of the other piece tomorrow. It's probably the most elaborate, most time-consuming sugar piece I've ever worked on.
Hubs came up with the idea, and between him, Christian and my mom, the thing got out of control!
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Totally Talented Tuesday

Here is a sugar piece I made back in September. I never took pictures of it (don't remember why... probably had something to do with a really crappy camera) so when I got my new baby, I got this out and snapped away.

The whole thing is edible. Now that I've photographed it for posterity, maybe I'll let Christian have at it if she wants. There's certainly no reason to keep it. It's just been taking up space for the last five months.

To see what other people have done, head over to Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Playing Around With the New Camera

So while pitiful, sick, grumpy Cullen napped yesterday, I took the opportunity to photograph Christian with my new Canon.

She wasn't really into it, but again, since I'm bigger, I won.

Look at that pencil go! She's working really fast hard here, so she can get outside and play.

My very first outside shot. I think it turned out okay.

I love this picture. She looks so happy and sweet. She is sweet, too. Yesterday while I was taking her picture, I asked if she had a good day. She responded that she did. I asked her what made it so good, and she said because Mrs. Gillespie (her teacher) was there. All together now: "Awwwwwwwwwww!"
She's ready to finish up the session and go play with people her own age.

Here I was playing with the settings a little, and looking for some shadows.
Did I mention that I LOVE this camera???

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Day, Another Sick Baby

I am so sick of sick children. Not that I don't love them bunches and bunches, but enough already!
Christian had a 103 fever from Saturday through Monday. Her head hurt; her body hurt; her throat hurt. I took her to the doctor who told me she had a throat infection. She got antibiotics, and went back to school on Wednesday.

Which is when Cullen came down with a 103 fever. And grumpiness. EXTREME grumpiness. I put him to bed an hour early last night (Hubs was gone AGAIN) and he didn't protest a bit. He did cry out a couple times in the night, and woke up coughing. With a fever. When he wouldn't eat or drink, and would randomly cry for no apparent reason, I guessed his throat was sore, too. I took him in this morning, and he's got what Christian had, only worse.

I gave him his antibiotic and cough medicine, and he immediately threw up. Poor baby. I really feel for him. I put him on the couch with his ganket to watch Caillou, and he fell asleep. I turned the TV off once the show was over, and realized he was giving me the perfect opportunity to play with my new camera!

Only he didn't want me to play with my new camera.

But I'm bigger, so I won. Is this not the most pitiful face ever? He looks like I kicked his puppy.

Hubs was out of town all last week and worked late the last two nights. Last night he got home after midnight. Tonight will be another late night, but not THAT late! Which I'm oh-so-thankful for, since I have contracted the dreaded sore throat.
The kids have been tag-teaming us lately. One or the other has been sick every single weekend for the last month. Like I said, I feel for them, but enough already! The sickness is no longer welcome here.
Not that it ever was.
Here's hoping your home is germ-free.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good-bye, Old Hag

I think we can safely assume from here on out that any crappy pictures would be due to operator error.

So, to recap, Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine's Day to me (although he got me some really sassy flip-flops when he wasn't supposed to get me anything for V-Day),

And Happy Anniversary to Hubs.

I made out like a freaking bandit!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Christian's class party was Thursday, so I made her this shirt and matching hair bow to wear:

I thought she looked adorable! And no, the "K" and "M" didn't stand out like that... they actually weren't even there. I changed her initials for this picture. I'm getting tired of weirdos contacting me, and so am taking little steps to keep our names and location relatively secret. If you're reading this and have contacted me, of course I'm not talking about you! It's other people. Really.

Here's a (very small) cake I made for Christian's teacher. It was a white almond sour cream cake with a strawberry swirl, and strawberry buttercream. It's a recipe a friend gave me, and it's FREAKING DELICIOUS! I will be making more very soon.

The design came from Bakerella, and if you haven't visited her site before, go there now! But come back here when you're done. The entire thing is edible, including the lid and bow. I just hope her teacher wasn't too disappointed to find out the "chocolates" weren't really chocolates. They were cake, too. And they were even more delicious than the plain cake, because they were covered in CHOCOLATE! I promise you, they taste EXACTLY like chocolate dipped strawberries. I was really surprised when I tasted them, to find out how realistic and delicious the flavor was.

I had hoped to get better pictures, but the batteries in my camera died as soon as I got these shots. I dug through Cullen's toys, and removed all the batteries, but they were all dead, too.

For her class valentines, we melted about twenty boxes of crayons (removing the paper wrapper was soooooooo hard and tedious!) in heart-shaped molds. Each kid got a fat, rainbow heart crayon, with a card I made on the computer that said, "Valentine, You Color My World!" in rainbow letters. It turned out pretty cute. We packaged them all in clear bags and tied them with pink and red ribbon.

For her teachers, I made old-fashioned popcorn box silhouettes on the computer. We cut them out and attached a package of microwave popcorn on the back, so the popcorn was just visible over the top of the box. They said, "To a POP!- POP!- POP!- ular Teacher!"

I also made my first batch of petit-fours for her party. They were heart-shaped, too. I made 12 white with pink glitter sprinkles and 12 pink with white glitter sprinkles. They were made of the same white-almond sour cream and strawberry swirl cake. They were a super pain to make, but turned out pretty cute. Sure wish I'd thought to get a picture. I know you don't want to see the ravaged tray with icing drippings and stray sprinkles.

In other news, I am a millionaire! I have won so many foreign lotteries, and have inherited so much money lately, I just can't dream up enough ways to spend it all. All they ask in return is my name, address, occupation, date of birth, and, lest I forget, my bank's routing and checking account numbers. Easy street, baby!


I missed you soooooo much and am glad you're home! I'm also especially glad I didn't set your kids on the curb with "MAKE AN OFFER" signs around their necks. They're awfully cute, even if they are pains in the rear.

I love you. You are sweet, kind, generous, caring, responsible, intelligent, dependable, funny, and oh-so-unbelievably good-looking. You're an awesome husband and even better father. I love that you wake Christian up every morning and carry her, sleeping bag and all, into the living room so she can wake up slowly. I love that you know how much I hate packing lunches, so you pack her lunch (and get her breakfast) every morning for me. I love that you bathe the kids 20 times more than I do, and never ever complain. I love that you chase them through the house and roughhouse with them and tickle them and make them laugh until they cry. And then kiss them till they squirm away. I love that you love taking them places with you. I love that you wake up early on Saturdays and go get doughnuts, and always, always, always get EXACTLY what I want. And then complain to me about it when they're out of my favorites, like it mattered to you. I love that when you wake up early on the weekends, you do everything you can to let me sleep longer. I love that you work so hard, so we can have so many nice things. I love how excited you get about our babies. I love that you talk and read to them long before they ever see you. I love that you cry when you hear about sick kids, even when you don't know them. I love how strong you are. I'll never forget seeing you hold Cullen in the hospital when he was so sick, and not being ashamed to cry while my bosses prayed over him. I love that you have such strong morals, and love Jesus, and long to know Him more.

When I met you, I knew you were special. I just had no idea how much. I'm so thankful that I get to spend the rest of my life finding new things to love about you.

Happy Valentine's Day.

And if you die before I do, I swear I'll kill you.
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Prayer Request

I know many of you who visit are believers, and I would like for you to pray.

My sister-in-law's best friend's little boy (he's five) has been having seizures for the past several months.

His doctor ran tests yesterday, and they saw what appears to be a cyst or a tumor on his brain. From what I understand, if it's a cyst they can remove it, but if it's a tumor, of course it would be much more difficult. I believe he's going to have an MRI today.

Please lift Cameron up in prayer, and don't forget his mom, Stefania.

Thank you so much.

We're believing in his total healing and peace over him and his family.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yeah, He's Cute, but Dear Lord is He ANAL!!!

My mom and I were talking a little while ago, and I was telling her a few of Cullen's funny moments last night, when something struck her that I had noticed, but had not really labeled. Well. He sure has a label now.

Allow me to present to you,

"Proof that Cullen is the most anal-retentive baby on the planet ever."

1. He must eat a waffle for breakfast with a glass of milk. Every morning.

2. He must eat said waffle on the same spot on the couch. While watching Bob the Builder. Every morning. See where he's sitting in the picture below? That's his spot. If Christian happens to be sitting there, war will ensue, during which, "SCOOO OVER SISSY! SCOOO OVER!!!" is yelled multiple times.

3. When he watches tv in my bed, he must have this blue and white striped pillow, minus the pillowcase, stacked on top of one of my bed pillows.

4. When he watches tv in my bed, he must be laying on my side of the bed. Doesn't matter if I'm already there. War will ensue, during which "SCOOO OVER MOMMA! SCOOO OVER!!!" is yelled multiple times.

5. When he watches tv in my bed, he must be watching Caillou. Which I cannot stand. That kid annoys the crud out of me.

6. This blanket, a.k.a. "Ganket," must go everywhere he goes. Everywhere. If we don't remember to bring it with us, you can be sure that by the time we leave our neighborhood, war has ensued, during which "GANKET? GANKET?? GANKET???" is yelled mutilple times. The yelling gets more desperate with each refrain. We have found that no other blanket in the world has the qualities necessary to achieve ganket-dom. And trust me, we have tried. He looks at us like we're nuts, and repeats, "Ganket?"

7. This cowboy hat is the only hat that is allowed to touch his head. Ever. This cowboy hat cost $4.99 at Wal-Mart, and is little more than fake-velvet-flocked-plastic. We took him to Cavender's last night to buy a new straw cowboy hat, and he wouldn't have anything to do with it. Mind you, when we first bought this hat, he wouldn't have anything to do with it, either. Or his cowboy boots. Now, whenever I put his Weeboks on him, he says, "I LIKE BOOTS, MOMMA! I LIKE BOOTS!!!"

8. Socks must never be worn for more than .3 seconds past shoe removal. If we are lax in this rule, war will ensue, during which "Socks-socks? Socks-socks?" is yelled multiple times. "Socks-socks" is Cullen-speak for "GET THESE FREAKING SOCKS OFF MY FEET NOW!!!"
9. He has a monster truck that is his most beloved posession, next to ganket. See photo of pillow/ganket above. It is the first thing he asks for when he wakes up. And by God, it better be in his possession within 2.6 seconds, or someone will pay. No other truck will do. He recently substituted this truck for a '69 Hot Wheels mustang, but only because he lost the mustang. That was a peaceful few days. (As I shudder.) Thankfully, the monster truck is also a Hot Wheels, so it's not huge. The downside to this is that it may meet the mustang's fate. Whatever that was.

10. Cullen is a thumb-sucker. And I mean a thumb-sucker! He started just before he turned one, and has just really elevated it to an art.
This is how I found him the morning after I tried to put him to bed without letting him suck his thumb, by pulling his sleeve down over his hand. He just took his shirt off. He was just over a year old.

11. When we read him a book, he must sit in our lap. Not on the couch, not next to us on the floor, not next to us in the chair. ON OUR LAP. That's just how reading is done. Period.

12. As soon as he hears Hubs unlocking the front door, he runs to it, sees Hubs, and yells, "HOCK-OGGS! HOCK-OGGS!" Which is Cullen-speak for hot dogs. It happens every. single. time. Hubs. comes. home. I say it's because that's the only thing he ever feeds the kids when I'm out at a meal time. Hubs says there's no explanation for it, and has taken to telling Cullen to hush, because he's getting them in trouble. In trouble for what, hmmmmm?

I know there are many, many more, but they escape me at the moment. This picture's not proof of anything, except the fact that my kids are adorable, and he can be nice and share candy with his sister once every few months.

A few funny things Cullen said while we were out last night:

"Dannit!" over and over and over. Which means dammit. It's so very hard to look menacing and authoritarian when you're laughing, because the second you tell him not to say that, he laughs and yells it again. And again. And then when his daddy yells at him to not say that, he looks around innocently, like he's wondering who did something naughty. And then looks at me the second his daddy turns back around, and whispers it again. And again. And laughs maniacally.

"Aw, come on, LADY!!!" Not really sure who he was yelling this at, but I'm relatively certain his daddy needs to seriously tone down the road rage. There's absolutely no other explanation for it. None whatsoever.

And, lastly, the second we pull into our driveway, "Get out? HOLD ON!!!" In a loud, gutteral-sort-of-growl.

If nothing else, he keeps us laughing.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cowboys Don't Cry

No. Wait. They do.


Especially when their horse was just heartlessly ripped out from under them.

You see, there's a local church-based organization that hosts an outdoor family day each January. They have rock-climbing, kayaking, fishing, horseback riding, shooting, archery, obstacle courses (some made out of inflatables) and lots of food and exhibits. It's all free, and we go every year. It's lots of fun.

Christian wanted to ride the horses (she rode each one last year) so we waited in the oh-so-long line, relishing the moment when we'd place Cullen, for the very first time, on a horse. We knew he'd FREAK. OUT.


Apparently, we were wrong.


Make that VERY wrong. Here's Hubs and Cullen moments before the crying jag started.

Christian was the epitome of "cowgirl." She just loves riding the horses.

She's pretty good at it, too.

Cullen loved it so much, we waited in line for another ride.

Just look at that baby cowboy!

And, once again, proof that cowboys cry. Especially when the world is against them and cruelly makes them let other kids ride THEIR horsies.

The world is an awful, lonely place for forlorn little cowboys without their horsies.

Christian and I visited the petting zoo while Hubs and Cullen waited in line for the second ride.

Look at the sweet baby goat.
Poor baby goat.

Aaaaaaaaaand, it breaks free.

We went back to the horse line, where Hubs and Cullen were almost to the front, so the kids could ride again. This horse is waaaaaaay too small for Christian, but she really wanted to ride the baby pony.

And Cullen, happy once again, on HIS horsie.

Christian also decided to try to climb the rock wall. TRY, being the operative word.
She got about four feet off the ground, and let go. She said she got scared. I think she's got a real daredevil streak we're going to have to nip in the bud.

My handsome cowboys, patiently waiting for Christian to get off the wall.
It didn't take long.