Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Qlubb Review

My dad is notorious for missing birthdays and anniversaries. It seems, no matter what we do, he just can't remember them. So for the past two Christmases I've given him a photo calendar, with every important birthday and anniversary in his life. I call it, "Dad's 'No Excuses' Calendar." The first one I gave him as a joke, to poke fun at the fact that he had forgotten my birthday... and several other family members' as well! But he loved it. I was shocked as I watched his eyes fill up with tears while he flipped from month to month. He told me it was the best gift he'd ever received. Kind of made me feel like a jerk, making fun of him and all! But this year I made another, and when I handed him his Christmas present, he looked at me and said, "This had BETTER be my calendar!"

All that to say this: I was introduced to a new site last week... It's kind of like an online PDA, only better. You could spend so much time there, finding ways to get organized!

What I did was go to the calendar page and enter every family member's name and birthdate, and any anniversaries I wanted to remember. I uploaded a bunch of pictures to place on the dates, but left many there just to browse through.

The really cool thing about this site is that it's like an online version of the calendar I made for Dad. I can invite any people I want, and only those invited can access my "club." They can post their own photos, dates, notes... anything they want, for every member to see. If any person in my "club" wants to send e-mails to everyone, they only have to click a button to send out an e-mail to everyone.

So I set up my Qlubb to be every date that Dad needs to remember. I'll be e-mailing him and other family members in his life, to let them know how they can post things and look at the info that's there. I got an e-mail yesterday reminding me that today is my nephew's birthday! How awesome is that?!? He'll really be out of excuses now!

But it's not just for family members. Scout troops, kids' sports teams, classrooms, Bible study groups, book clubs, dinner clubs, etc. can all use Qlubb to get (and stay!) on the same page. They can post important dates, phone numbers, policies, awards... the possibilites are endless. Playing e-mail tag would be a thing of the past.

If you have a minute, and maybe aren't the most organized person (and even if you are!), check out Qlubb. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

I hope Dad will!


Anonymous said...

You ARE a jerk for intentionally making dad cry, you know how sensitive he is!!!

Tracye said...

Is that where you learned it?