Thursday, January 29, 2009

An interesting day...

Cullen and I went to the grocery store today.

Once we got there, I got out of the car, opened his door, then locked all the doors, and shut the driver's door. I stood in his door, getting his ganket and truck and cow and diaper bag and sippy cup and all the things we would need for a short trip inside.

I noticed someone standing behind me, and realized an elderly man was waiting for us to shut our door so he could get into his car and leave.

I tried to squeeze further into the doorway of our car and shut the door as much as I could, but at over 7 months pregnant, there's not much squeezing to be done.

So I shut Cullen's door so the man could get into his car.

And then realized that my purse, keys, cell phone, and baby were locked inside.

My heart fell into my shoes as I stood there, looking in at him. Thankfully, our car has a keypad on the driver's door to unlock the car.

Unfortunately, I don't know the code. Hubs does, but as I mentioned, my cell phone was locked inside.

In the past, when I've been too lazy to get my keys, I've randomly punched numbers and successfully unlocked the car. The code does not use all five keys, and I am able to remember which ones aren't used, so I just started punching the ones I know are part of the sequence.

It didn't work.

I was frantically punching numbers, and praying someone nice would pull into the now-empty spot next to us, when a Suburban pulled in. An elderly couple were inside; she was dressed beautifully, and he looked like a retired Texas Ranger-- from his cowboy hat to his reflective sunglasses, all the way down to his shiny boots. They were resplendent.

The man got out, and I said, "Um. Excuse me, sir. But do you by any chance have a cell phone that I could borrow? I just locked my baby inside my car."

He looked kind of shocked, and began reaching for his phone, "Sure!" he said.

"We have this keypad that unlocks it, but I don't know the code. My husband does, though," I explained.

"Well, call him!" he quickly said as he handed it over.

I dialed Hubs' cell number, praying he would answer even though he didn't recognize the number.

He gruffly answered, "Officer Honey Bear." Not really, but that's what I heard.

I explained our situation, and he patronizingly, and with more than a trace of laughter in his voice, told me the code. I punched it in, and the locks popped open.

The lady immediately opened Cullen's door, and started gushing, "Oh, baby! Sweetheart, are you okay?"

She giggled then turned to me and said, "He must be okay. He just said, 'Bye-bye,' which I'm guessing means 'Get lost!'"

I smiled and thanked them profusely, then hugged and kissed Cullen and went inside the store.

And did my darndest to avoid the sweet couple that just saved the day.

I'm a shoo-in for Mother of the Year.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I just realized that it's been a while since I've posted about nothing. Maybe that's not entirely true. This whole blog is about nothing. Like an ongoing Seinfeld episode, but I digress.

Wow. If you could only see how many typos I had just now. My fingers and my brain aren't communicating yet. I guess 11:30 in the morning is still too early.

I stayed up super late last night, working on a birthday cake for my two sweet nephews. Their birthdays are within a week of each other, but three years apart, so my brother and sil always have a double party. That's today. I'll post pics of the cake soon, I promise. For now, I don't want them to check here before they leave (my blog is that high on everyone's priority list, no?) and spoil the surprise. They have no idea what it's going to look like.

Onto the randomness. Because, so far, this post has been anything but random.

First up, all the free toothpaste I scored last week at Walgreens:

That's 26 tubes, for those of you who are counting. All FREE. Actually, not free. I made ten cents per tube. Woo hoo! Hubs is on the fast track to retirement now, baby! They were on sale, 2 for $2.79, and I printed online coupons for $1.50 off per tube. So I raided all the Walgreens in town, multiple times, to end up with this much. I really hope I realize when we run out. I'd like to know how long 26 tubes of toothpaste lasts. (On a side note, do you like "Fun With Fonts Day?")

Christian wanted to be in the picture...

Pay no attention to those wreaths behind the tower of toothpaste. Those are NOT Christmas wreaths. They're... ummm... VALENTINE'S DAY wreaths. I'm waaaaaay ahead of the game.

Also last week, Cullen decided he's not fond of his five o'clock shadow, and decided to shave. Only he couldn't find his toy razor, so he just thought he'd use Daddy's.

It didn't work out so well for him. Can you see his "mustache"? His lip bled and bled and bled. He apparently didn't like the feeling of the band-aid on his lip, because he kept making this face:

Video would have been funnier, because he kept opening and closing his mouth as wide as he could, over and over and over.

And then we had a visit from "The Naked Cowboy."

Here, he's yelling at me, "Stick 'em up!"

Lastly, a few pictures from just minutes ago:

Apparently, the four times he already brushed his teeth this morning weren't enough, so he decided to lick all of the toothpaste tubes in the kids' bathroom. I swear this kid gets into EVERYTHING!!!

The next one better be normal.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Qlubb Review

My dad is notorious for missing birthdays and anniversaries. It seems, no matter what we do, he just can't remember them. So for the past two Christmases I've given him a photo calendar, with every important birthday and anniversary in his life. I call it, "Dad's 'No Excuses' Calendar." The first one I gave him as a joke, to poke fun at the fact that he had forgotten my birthday... and several other family members' as well! But he loved it. I was shocked as I watched his eyes fill up with tears while he flipped from month to month. He told me it was the best gift he'd ever received. Kind of made me feel like a jerk, making fun of him and all! But this year I made another, and when I handed him his Christmas present, he looked at me and said, "This had BETTER be my calendar!"

All that to say this: I was introduced to a new site last week... It's kind of like an online PDA, only better. You could spend so much time there, finding ways to get organized!

What I did was go to the calendar page and enter every family member's name and birthdate, and any anniversaries I wanted to remember. I uploaded a bunch of pictures to place on the dates, but left many there just to browse through.

The really cool thing about this site is that it's like an online version of the calendar I made for Dad. I can invite any people I want, and only those invited can access my "club." They can post their own photos, dates, notes... anything they want, for every member to see. If any person in my "club" wants to send e-mails to everyone, they only have to click a button to send out an e-mail to everyone.

So I set up my Qlubb to be every date that Dad needs to remember. I'll be e-mailing him and other family members in his life, to let them know how they can post things and look at the info that's there. I got an e-mail yesterday reminding me that today is my nephew's birthday! How awesome is that?!? He'll really be out of excuses now!

But it's not just for family members. Scout troops, kids' sports teams, classrooms, Bible study groups, book clubs, dinner clubs, etc. can all use Qlubb to get (and stay!) on the same page. They can post important dates, phone numbers, policies, awards... the possibilites are endless. Playing e-mail tag would be a thing of the past.

If you have a minute, and maybe aren't the most organized person (and even if you are!), check out Qlubb. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

I hope Dad will!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Update on Christian

We took her to her doctor in the afternoon... sorry, but I really can't remember which day it was. Wait. Wednesday is when she got sick and was in the ER, Thursday is when she saw her doctor for a follow-up. He agreed with the ER doc's prescriptions, with the exception of the antibiotic. She has a virus, and antibiotics fight bacterial infections. But he said that since we had already started it to go ahead and finish it. He said there was absolutely nothing we could have done to prevent all this; she just got a virus, and together with her allergy-induced asthma really knocked her down quickly.

He said the steroid was the absolutely most important medication we can give her. He said it will either keep her out of the hospital or cause her to have an even worse relapse if we don't give it to her consistently. The problem is that it REALLY upsets her stomach. We have to give her two teaspoons morning and night. So he suggested we give her something to eat, then 1/2 a teaspoon, wait 15 or 20 minutes, then repeat three more times. It's a pain, but she's kept it all down. It really seems to help the most. She's been able to go much longer between breathing treatments since she's kept it down.

She feels so much better, which is actually part of her problem. The medicine kicks in and she starts to feel good; she gets all excited and runs around and wrestles with Cullen, and she almost immediately can't breathe and starts coughing her head off again. So we've really had to keep on her to rest and stay on the couch or in our bed or sitting at the computer (she LOVES PBS kids and Playhouse Disney websites).

That was a pretty scary night... and morning. It's so hard to watch her struggle for each breath, and not be able to do a thing to help. It got to me. I couldn't watch, because I started to feel like I was suffocating. With each breath, her skin would suck up in between each of her ribs, and up against her trachea at her throat. She's still retracting at her throat, but not as much. I got up in the middle of the night last night to check on her while she was asleep, and she wasn't retracting at all. Now it's just when she goes too long without a treatment or when she plays too hard.

Thanks for all your encouraging words and prayers. It meant a lot.

Need a double stroller?

Cause I sure do!

Vanessa at I Never Grew Up is giving one away... but don't go enter, because I really need to win it! ;)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

So tired. So very, very tired.

The school nurse called me at 11:00 yesterday morning, to let me know Christian was wheezing and needed her nebulizer. So I took it up there, and the nurse gave her a breathing treatment.

I gave her another one at 4:00. Just before dinner was ready, between 6 and 6:30, she started panicking and saying she couldn't breathe and needed another one. So we gave her one. We waited an hour, gave her another one, waited another hour, gave her another one, waited ten minutes, and gave her another one, but this time a different formulation. This was the treatment they gave her the last time she had this problem. By this time, her heart was racing from all the medication, and her breathing was not better. So I took her to the after-hours clinic, where they listened to her heart and lungs, and then walked us to the ER. This was at 10 pm.

The doctor came out to the waiting room immediately and listened to her heart and lungs. He said we had done a good job of opening up her lungs, but she was still wheezing, and her heart was too fast... from the treatments. He said to wait away from the doors (it's been chilly here; who'da thought?) and it shouldn't be too long. A nurse came a few minutes later and listened to her again, and checked her oxygen saturation. It was around 95.

We waited for another few minutes (during which time she started panicking because she couldn't breathe) and then they called her back. They hooked her up to the heart/oxygen monitor, and started another two breathing treatments. After those, they did a few chest x-rays, that showed a virus in her lungs.

So we left, armed with four new prescriptions (on top of the 2 breathing treatments and singulair she's already on), and headed to the pharmacy. I'd say two hours in the ER, from the time we walked in the door until the time we walked out wasn't too bad.

We got to Walgreens just after midnight, where I expected to wait at least an hour. The pharmacist pleasantly surprised me by actually having the meds ready in the thirty minutes he said it would take.

Got home just before 1 am; Christian had fallen asleep in the car during our wait at the pharmacy. I had her sit on the couch while I got all her medicine ready. She was O.U.T. So it was difficult getting her to take it all. She fought me a bit, which she NEVER does, so I knew she was 1. feeling pretty rotten, and 2. really super exhausted. She didn't want to sleep in her room (and I didn't want to listen to her snore all night) so I set her up on the couch, complete with puke bowl and wipies, just in case her prescription cocktail didn't sit well with her.

She woke up at four, crying that she wanted to go home, and panicked because she couldn't breathe. Hubs and I calmed her down, and tried to get her to understand she was already home, and started another breathing treatment. She fell asleep right after I started it.

She came in this morning at eight, waking me out of a SOUND sleep, panicking again because, once again, she couldn't breathe. So it was another treatment.

She seems to be breathing okay now. I just got off the phone with her doctor's office, and they want to see her today. Yay.


Okay, there has been an hour break since the last sentence... I just gave her all her medications, and she threw it all up. Great.

Good thing we have that appointment later today.

Monday, January 12, 2009

In which I pat myself on the back...

Saturday, for the first time in MONTHS, I emptied my laundry basket. Completely emptied it. There has been clean laundry, just needing ironing, in there for a very, very long time.

Saturday, I washed absolutely every scrap of dirty fabric in this house, dried it all, folded it all, ironed it all, and put it all away.

It took the. whole. day.

Sunday, I swept/mopped/vacuumed all the floors.

I'm feeling rather proud of myself.

Today I went to Walgreens.

I bought:

2 cans of Quaker oatmeal
1 box of Kleenex tissue
2 containers of Lysol disinfecting wipes
1 bottle of Fantastik! cleaner
1 bottle of Windex cleaner
4 tubes of Colgate toothpaste
2 tubes of Aquafresh toothpaste
1 container of Scrubbing bubbles flushable bathroom wipes
2 bottles of Lysol toilet bowl cleaner
1 container of Windex glass cleaner wipes

I spent $14.48, and will be getting a check in the mail back for $3.79.

Now, if my fil's heart surgery goes well today (please lift him up in prayer!) it will be a perfect end to a few good days.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I know it's late... but here's our Christmas recap.

I'll start at the beginning, which was for us, on Christmas Eve. We went to my in-laws' for lunch. It was delicious... when we were finally able to eat. Apparently, the hay guy didn't get the memo that Christmas Eve is a time for family, and decided to deliver 20 bales of hay at the exact time dinner was ready. Hubs, being the good ole country boy he is, just had to drive the tractor and unload it all. It took quite a while. The kids had plenty to occupy them before the meal was ready. These first few pictures were taken by my MIL's sister. She has an insane camera (which I'd be more than happy to accept, should she ever decide to give it away! ;)) and takes awesome pictures.

Here's Cullen, being held by my in-laws' neighbor. He LOVES her. She's protecting him from all the vicious cows on the other side of the fence who just live to torment him with all the mooing and what-not.
Once we realized it was several hours past Cullen's naptime, and that if we didn't leave immediately we'd either, a) be late for church, or b) miss Cullen's naptime completely, we hightailed it home. We got the naptime and a light dinner out of the way, and made it to church with plenty of time to spare. It was a candlelight service and it was beautiful. The son of a teacher I used to teach with proposed to his girlfriend on the big screens just before the sermon. It was a tear-jerker! Can you imagine what a special Christmas this was to them?

We got home just in time to have our neighbor greet us with chocolate chip cookies and gifts for the kids. They ripped into the cookies immediately! Christian finished hers, then tried (unsuccessfully!) to con Cullen out of his!
Please, Cullen? Please can I have a bite of your cookie?

Heck no! Are you nuts??? Get away from me!!!
So after we washed their dirty little faces and brushed their stinky little teeth, we put them in their jammies. Christian set out cookies and cocoa for Santa, and then went to bed. And then got up. And got yelled at to get back in bed. And then got up again. And then got yelled at again to go to bed. And got up again... ad naseum.
Here's what the living room looked like right after Santa visited...
Cullen, right after getting out of bed... with his crazy hair and too-short jammies. Oh, Dear Lord, where is ganket???
Here they are, checking out the cool spinning see-saw Mimi & Popo sent them.

Christian, holding some of the stuff Santa brought...

Cullen, going straight for the wooden cars Santa left...

And holding up the Aquadoodle accessory pack.
Here's the wreckage after the marathon paper-shredding session. No, we didn't get a new carseat. That was Hubs' way of disguising the new body pillow he got me. The bottom of the carseat box was filled with the icicle lights he never got around to hanging on the house. He wraps the weirdest stuff with my gifts. One year I opened a giant box that was filled with old sheets, only to find a small jewelry box in one corner. It's his way of "throwing me off." Weirdo.

Christian and Cullen see-sawed and spun all. day. long. And we laughed and laughed. They were hilarious on that thing! I got some video of it... one of these days I'll get around to putting it on here.

See the bottom half of my pregnant self? I'm the one in the red jammies.

We stayed home all day and let the kids play with all their new stuff. I think we "cleaned" three times that day! It seemed like each time we'd get a handle on the mess, they'd open something else.

Last year, Cullen really had no idea what was going on. This year, he got the hang of it. He'd randomly yell out either, "JESUS!" or "SANTA CLAUS!" He still yells, "CHRISTMAS TREE!" This was the best Christmas I've ever had in my entire life. It was so much fun to watch them get so excited and play with their stuff together. I know it's just going to get more fulfilling each year.

The following Saturday we went to my dad's house. My brother and his wife and their three kids were there. So were my grandpa and his wife. It was a pretty good day.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We certainly did. And it really had nothing to do with what we received. Although what we received, we loved.

We were able to do something to bless others, and it just felt so good. I think that was part of it. I think we should do something like that each year. Find someone else to bless.

What an awesome Christmas.