Friday, December 19, 2008

Critter Conga by Parents

I have another awesome product to tell you about today. This one is probably my favorite so far.
It's the Critter Conga by Parents.The Critter Conga is a colorful safari-themed percussion set. It features ten different instruments, designed to look like different animals and spark a child's imagination.
There is an antelope slide whistle, giraffe maracas, a crocodile clacker, a monkey rain stick, an elephant whistle, a toucan water whistle, snake drumsticks, and a few other cool instruments. Then there is the Leopard Conga Drum, which holds all of the pieces inside... LOVING that! The lid lifts off and is a really festive-sounding tambourine.
I had the open box on my bed, and Cullen climbed up, looked inside, and immediately started saying, "Open! Open! Open? OPEN!" So I did, and he was off! He loves this set!

He especially loved shaking the maracas and beating the snake drumsticks against the tambourine lid.

Parents will love that all the pieces store neatly (and easily!) inside the large leopard drum. And that it's not one of those hideously annoying toys you'll want to hide the second your kid puts it down! It's really fun to play with (even for adults!) and pleasant to hear.

Either that, or my boy is just exceptionally gifted with plastic instruments.

Parents' philosophy is, "When the toy does less, the child does more." This toy set lives up to that philosophy. The child can make music, play with the animals, learn their names and distinguising characteristics (I was so proud when Cullen looked at the rain stick and said, "Monkey!"), or just explore the sounds each piece makes.

The Critter Conga is age-appropriate for children 18 months and up. It retails for about $30, which isn't bad for so many toys held inside the large drum. It's available at Costco.


Jenn said...

Neat-O!!! I've got 2 of Parent's Bee Bop Band sets for the girls for Christmas aready....Now I'm wishing I'd waited. Those sure are bright, cheerful, and fun!

Best S.I.L. said...

Can you be any more of an infomercial for this product?? :) They should send you a check for advertising! You are wonderful at it. By the way, it does look like a lot of fun!