Saturday, November 8, 2008

What I'm Hearing Now

I'm (obviously) at the computer, and Hubs and Cullen are taking a shower. Nobody in this house is allowed to shower alone anymore. Nobody. So when Hubs said he was going to take a shower, Cullen immediately ran into the bathroom and started stripping frantically.

Whenever they shower together, Cullen thinks he needs to shave like Daddy. Every few seconds I hear a little voice asking, "Shave-a? Shave-a?"

Then it gets more desperate, more demanding: "SHAVE-A! SHAVE-A!" Then there's some grunting and whining, followed by laughter.

Hubs just said, "Okay, look up. Hold still. Oh, wow. If I had a beard that thick, I'd need to shave four or five times a day, too."

I couldn't help but laugh.

We're going to town in a minute to look for a kids' shaving kit... and to buy more shaving cream.

Hubs said Cullen goes through a can in one shower.

That's some serious growth.


Huse Yo Mama said...

oh, those moments are sweet! We have video of my brother at about the age of two, "shaving" in his own little mirror with a kid's shaving kit. I love watching that video. My brother is 22 now!

Best S.I.L. :) said...

The boys have two different kinds. There is your mock electric razor fashion and then for the more traditional shavers, there is a hand-held "disposable" model. They can seriously go through a can of the "shaving cream" soap in one bath. Of course, then the whole tub ius greasier than my face on a hot summer day. But I digress... If you don't find onw let me know and I will look at our Wal-Mart. There are usually all kinds out around this time of year for stocking stuffers. Love, hugs and kisses. Best S.I.L.

Erin said...

that is so cute!!

Melanie said...

Too cute! OK, why is no one allowed to take a shower alone?

Tracye said...

We couldn't find a shaving kit... walked all over Wal-Mart (which I hate!) but never found one. Not in bath toys, not in regular toys.

Cullen won't *allow* anybody to shower alone. Or bathe alone. The second he hears water running, he takes off for the bathroom and starts ripping his clothes off. Once he's there and naked, there's no way anybody can keep him out!

Anonymous said...

christian and i bought one at target when we went christmas shopping the other week. it is in the bathroom closet. that is why she wants to come stay tonight...should have told me. i would have sent it home with you....hope you are having a great day and i will see you