Saturday, November 1, 2008

This past week was Red Ribbon week, so the kids got to wear different-themed outfits each day. Last Friday was Pajama Day, to represent "Putting Drugs to Sleep," or something like that. We bought Christian some new pj's and some Hannah Montana slippers. God forbid she go to school without actual slippers on.

I actually got up early enough to French braid her hair. She looked so cute.

Last night, our little fairy and Linus went on a trick-or-treating hay ride (organized by our neighbor). It was so much fun. We stopped at the HOA for some food, candy and a haunted house (which we didn't go throuh!), then continued through the neighborhood, gathering candy.
Poor Allie. She sliced her hand open on a soda can, and cried most of her make-up off. It was a pretty deep cut, but she didn't let it stop her!

Cullen figured out trick-or-treating fairly quickly. The only problem was that he wanted to eat everything as it was put in his bag! That was the most difficult part of the evening. He'd want swedish fish, so I'd open the bag. Then he'd decide teddy grahams sounded good, so out those came. No, wait, I want a lollipop. Now some water, please. And on, and on, and on. This was AFTER he ate a whole hotdog, a whole bag of cheetos, and drank a can of soda (all by himself) at the HOA party.

Just chillin' on the 'ride.

He's way too cool to sit on Mommy's lap. He needs room to breathe, man.

Then we went to my mil's sister's house to show off the kids' costumes. Here's little Jakob as a doctor:

Christian, after she ate about two dozen halloween cookies, and innumerable pieces of candy. Yes, her stomach was hurting later. She thought cheese cubes (about ten of them) would help her. It didn't.


Lisa said...

Aw, what sweet photos!

Had to giggle at the 10 cheese cubes comment. A night of over indulgence. Isn't it always the case (at Easter too!)...

Melanie said...

For someone who doesn't like Halloween you sure let your kids chow down on the goodies. heehee. Poor Christen's tummy. I'll have to show Tenley that picture. She kept asking me why she couldn't have more candy and I told her because it would make her tummy hurt. Now there's proof. haha.

Crystal said...

Sounds like you all had a fun time! Cullen is so cute dressed like Linus with his blanket :-) Hope Christian is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

sorry i missed seeing my cuties. they are so adorable. at least i saw them sunday....thank you for coming out.i hope you are doing alright. feeling better??? i never get to talk to you when i play with the kids. love mil