Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pretty Ugly Week

It definitely hasn't been the best one yet.

So I had that very unpleasant procedure last Friday. The doctor said it looked okay, but there were other issues... yay! So we're working on those.

Saturday night (look away men!) I started very light spotting. I called the office, and the nurse said to take it easy and monitor it, but it was probably from Friday.

I stayed in bed ALL. DAY. LONG. on Sunday. Sunday night brought lots of bright red blood. Great. So I went to the ER, and had all kinds of tests, and came home around 3 am Monday. My mil took Cullen, so I stayed in bed all day Monday, too. They still think it was from Friday. It was a very scary couple of days for us.

Flash-forward to today. I had just gotten dressed this morning, when Cullen fell, hitting his temple on an iron piece that sticks out from our bed. He immediately starts screaming. I'm about three feet from him, so I grab him and notice A DENT in his temple! I just about hyperventilated. I grabbed the phone, then dropped it between the bed and the nightstand, and decided not to waste time trying to get it. I ran into the kitchen (pregnant, sore, supposed to be taking it easy, holding Cullen, both of us hysterical) and grabbed the other phone and called Hubs at work. I can hardly breathe. Cullen stops crying (less than a minute after he hit) and starts yawning and rubbing his eyes, which are rolling back in his head. Did I mention I was FREAKING OUT??? I tell Hubs what's up, and then call the doctor. They say to rush him up there. I call Hubs back and tell him to meet us there.

We get there in record time, the doc checks him out, and says he's okay! We're supposed to watch him for the next 24 hours... vomiting/lethargy-bad. Bouncing off the walls/annoying everybody-good. So we're good.

It's amazing how resilient their little bodies are.


Huse Yo Mama said...

oh my gosh!! That would scare the living daylights out of me if Lala hit her head like that. Thank GOD he's okay. Thank God YOU'RE okay, too! Good news all around!

Melanie said...

Yikes--super scary! I'm glad the little guy is OK. Try and take it easy but that's easier said than done when you have 2 kiddos. :)

melanie said...

That would have scared me to death too. I am easily freaked out and quite sure I was holding my breath while reading... Kids sure put us through a lot of worry don't they!

I'm new here, so I'm not sure how far along you are in your pregnancy. Hope everything is okay.