Thursday, November 20, 2008

MomDot Blog Party-Day 7

Today's question is, "Who is on your naughty list and who is on your nice list? Why?"

Well, I don't really make naughty and nice lists. I will say that last night Christian was talking back quite a bit. So later when we were quizzing her over this week's spelling words, it went like this:"

Me: Spell "toy". Christian is not getting a single "toy" for Christmas.
Her: Is that a joke? That's a joke, right?

Me: Spell "happy". Christian is not going to be "happy" when she doesn't get anything for Christmas.
Her: Come on, Mommy. Are you kidding?

Me: Spell "joy". There will be no "joy" on Christian's face when Cullen gets lots of presents and she gets none.
Her: Mommy! Stop it! You're joking!

Me: Spell "silly". It is really "silly" of Christian to think she's getting anything except a lump of coal for Christmas.
Her: Mommy! I'm NOT getting lump coal!

Me: Spell "boy". Cullen will be a very happy "boy" when he's the only one that gets any presents on Christmas.
Her: It's not funny! Tell me you're joking!

Me: Spell "funny". Christian won't think it's "funny" when she doesn't have anything to open on Christmas.
Her: I AM going to have something to open!

Me: Spell "toys". Cullen will get all the "toys" for Christmas.
Her: He will not! I'm getting some, too!

Me: Spell "candy". I really wish Christian's teacher did not teach her to spell the word "candy".
Her: Ha! Ha! I know how to spell it!

Me: Spell "soy". The only thing Christian will get for Christmas will be a "soy" burger.
Her: What's a soy burger?

Me: Spell "puppy". Christian won't get to play with the new "puppy" Cullen will be getting for Christmas.
Her: Stop it! You're joking! I know you're joking!

I promise these were the words on her spelling list!
Shouldn't there be some sort of test before they let you have kids? 'Cause I really don't think Hubs and I would pass.

Today's question is brought to you by Sillymonkeez and My Baby Bump.


Tena said...

I am soooo stealing this idea the next time my oldest acts up! Good way to work in the "naughty" factor!
Love it!

Cathy said...

That was too funny! Great job MOM!

Michelle@lifeinawhirlwind said...

LOL - You are evil. I love it.

Staci said...

Too funny! It sounds just like something I'd do too.

Melanie said...

hahaha--I would totally do that too. :) i bet you were cracking up!

Tracye said...

Yeah, we thought we were pretty funny. Hubs was sitting here, egging me on the entire time. He even threatened to "call Santa" and tell him not to come! We're awful, awful people!

Mel--Sleeping Beauty Tenley should be delivered tomorrow. I screwed up and thought her party was Saturday, so when they told me Friday delivery I said okay. I've tracked it today, and it says it's on time. Let me know when you get it so I can stop freaking out over it! I'm so sorry I didn't send it faster.

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Love the spelling!

Momstart said...

That is funny