Friday, November 28, 2008

Feed with style and FLAIR by Boon

That delightful site that I'm addicted to, MomDot, is hosting another contest... one that we really need to win. It's for the Boon Flair. The Flair is a pedestal high chair that is one of the most amazing (if not THE most amazing) high chairs out there. It has a pneumatic lift, a seamless seat, and the ability to glide smoothly in all directions.

Our current high chair has been through a lot, and we love it for that! But its time has passed. It held our two beautiful babies as they were nourished, until they were (um... are...) big enough to sit at the big table. It's seven years old, badly stained, missing its cover, bulky, and hard to maneuver. Every time I try, I gouge my ankles on the casters.

So MomDot is hosting a high chair decorating contest! The prize is a brand new Flair high chair! I (and the new baby!) would love to get rid of this:

We just got a new digital camcorder, and I'm (slowly!) figuring it out, which is why the still shots are grainy. I forgot about the flash... oops!

He loves it decorated! Probably because it's so ugly without all its Christmas frou-frou finery! We set him in it to take a picture, and boy did he throw a fit when we got him out! We had to take all the (breakable!) ornaments off and just let him sit amid the garland, lights, ribbons, bows, pinecones, table runner and tree skirt... whatever makes them happy... and quiet, right? ;)

And lastly, Baby Christmas in his Christmas High Chair, trying to eat the ornaments.


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We sure did... although Wal-Mart is the devil and Black Friday is aptly named. I will NOT be out on this day next year!

More about that when I can talk about it with a smile!


Melanie said...

hahah--that's a great decorated chair. The new highchair looks like something from the Jetsons. :) I hope you win!! Maybe you should make a cake of the highchair and take a picture of that and mail it to them!! You'd win for sure!

Momstart said...

I'm so happy for you. CONGRATS ON THE BIG WIN!!, well you came in second but you got a big haul!!! MOMDOT Rules, don't think you'll be needing that high chair anymore.

I gave you a proximity award, I consider you my new friend. ;-) I'm so happy for you!!