Sunday, October 19, 2008


My goodness, am I ever exhausted!

The Sugar-Sculpting Goddess of All Time, Lorraine McKay, visited Austin this week. She came a really long way to teach three classes... all the way from Scotland!
It was grrrrrreat! (I really wish I could post sound of her and her husband, Andy, saying that! They were such a joy to be around, and their accents were absolutely adorable!) She has more talent in her pinky fingernail clippings than I do in my whole body.

The lady... er... lassie, is just amazing! She is also a really awesome teacher. Lorraine is expert at translating the motions and movements she's making into easy-to-follow words.

Unfortunately, I got really sick the first couple of days. I came home, went to the doctor (who prescribed miracle pills... with painful side effects), and went back for more!

I have two projects finished: a bride & groom, and a little family. My camera is being its usual crappy self, and is refusing to take good pictures. I'll try to find time soon to take some pictures outside, so you can really see the details. For now, these will have to work.

First, Lorraine's bride & groom (as if I had to clarify whose this is!):

And mine:

I also got to meet Lisa, from Cakes & Cupboards. She was really sweet and a lot of fun (besides having oodles of talent), and her Mississippi accent was just about as intoxicating as Lorraine's Scottish one!

Like I said, my camera is being feisty, so I'll take better pictures (I hope!) and try to post them soon.

I think I'm going to bed now, to sleep until next weekend.




Erin said...

i think they look very good!!

Huse Yo Mama said...

Oh man, how FUN!!! You did a great job!

Lisa said...

I totally forgot you were going to the Bride and Groom workshop as well! Lucky Dog!

And you did a GREAT JOB! Your figures really do look fantastic.

So sorry you got sick but it looks like you rebounded.

It really was my pleasure to meet you.

(And thank you for the nice compliments, btw.)